Voice chat?!?!

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User Info: dersephy2

7 years ago#1
No voice chat? What is this, 1998? Will it even be available through PSN? Voice chat just seems like a no-brainer for online games these days, especially for consoles.

User Info: Alltra

7 years ago#2
You'll live.
My interpretation of reality is different than yours. Don't destroy my reality, even if it is a fantasy.

User Info: mack10

7 years ago#3
Voice chat? take CoD as an example of why voice chat should not be in this game. It will, however, most likely be available through PSN in which you can connect with your friends and chat it up while playing but not through the game which i prefer.

User Info: Raruwaru

7 years ago#4
Most guilds or linkshells or whatever use vent, so maybe a pc bluetooth headsets the best bet.
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User Info: Kukaku

7 years ago#5
no voice chat is better for mmos.

User Info: 2DFighter84

7 years ago#6

the hell is wrong with you people? who the hell in their right mind wouldn't wanna use their voice to communicate with friends and others they are playin' with? like the OP said (and 2D has said before) voice chat is a no brainer for online games nowadays. and screw vent! anyone playin' on a PS3 is left assed out and voiceless by SE not includin' voice chat in the game while PC users can go to their damn 3rd party crap.

there's one benefit and one benefit only for not havin' voice chat... all those weirdos who pretend to be girls can rest easy knowin' their voices are hidden.

benefits for havin' voice chat far outweighs that. easier communication (especially since SE got rid of auto attack and the combat is supposedly faster than in 11), voice chat always comes with a mute function... you don't like someones voice? mute em. it doesn't mean you won't be able to type. voice chat runs in addition to text, it doesn't take away your choice to type, it gives others the choice to talk. voice chat makes it easier for all players to chime in on conversations that the group is havin. i dunno about you guys, but 2D ain't the fastest typer. he'll be tryin' ta respond to the statement about fireballs, that has scrolled off the screen already, while the conversation has already moved on to taunt macros. not ta mention, jokes and sarcasm are a LOT easier to relay with your voice than through text. and regaurdless of what those FF11 super serious types say, everything is more fun when ya have someone ta' joke around with.

User Info: TruSkooled

7 years ago#7
I can understand the need for voice chat on higher paced games, like a FPS. But for a game like this, I don't see a necessity for it. Played FFXI without ventrilo, and did just fine with a USB keyboard and controller, even for endgame.

Besides, I'd rather listen to my music, than in-game music for the 80th billion time. I'd also prefer to kill my hearing the way I want to, and not having kids b!tching and whining constantly in my ear...
'...The fool can't act the wise, but the wise can act a fool...' -Kweli

User Info: 2DFighter84

7 years ago#8

see, you're talkin' "necessity", 2D is talkin' "wants". its a video game, our lil play thing. entertainment. it should cater to "wants", not neglect obviously beneficial features to appeal to some warped sense of "need".

2D understands wantin' ta listen to your own music rather than the game music. having the option for voice chat won't prevent anyone from doin' this. he also understands no wantin ta hear some kid naggin'. the mute feature on voice chat works the same way as ignore does in text. there's absolutely no reason for dem dome heads not to include voice chat in this game.

User Info: Naesaki

7 years ago#9
if we get voice chat i'll use it, if not then well we can still be all friends and talk through written words =D don't worry 2D i'll take care of ya :3, Moonlight will also look after you to xD

User Info: Alltra

7 years ago#10
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