Walkthrough type guide for Year 2 Chamber of Secrets

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User Info: BeeEmm

7 years ago#1

DS Lego Harry Potter 1-4

Chamber of Secrets Yr 2 Guide in Freeplay

This is not a definitive walkthrough but will act as guide for anyone who has been through the story and is now proceeding through Freeplay to find missing artefacts. Where an artefact is hidden I have used a ? to indicate it's presence.

'Parsletongue' This is a function carried out mainly by Harry. Approach green painted serpent which appears on walls, tap it twice, wait a second. Then a small snake appears in a blue disc at the bottom of the screen. Tap this once or twice and hiss into the microphone. This will invoke magic forces and you will be able to proceed with task in hand. In the following text this whole procedure will just be referred to as 'Parsletongue'.


Start in the Dark Arts Form room. Mop up studs and destroy furniture. Speak to Lockhart, he runs away. Stay to open box and find (? Hat). Pass through door.

Hogwarts East

Follow Lockhart. Hang pictures, mop up studs. Door opens. Go through door. Exit.

View of Lockhart climbing stairs mop studs, leave pictures. Talk to students – go through doorway where Lockhart has exited.

Myrtles Bathroom

Mop up studs. When complete, converse with Lockhart. Go into toilet enclosure – pick up studs – open gratings (2) in wall. There are rewards here, characters or money. Speak to Myrtle who directs you to sink. Go to sink passing Lockhart on the way back (stop at blue star). Converse with Ron/Hermione – speak to Lockhart and then go to drain cover and stand on it. Cast spell to make it rise, step off at top. A lovely green Ring of confidence appears around you – cast spell to reveal which results in slot machine appearing ( if you are not using Harry, whistle him up at this point because he has to hiss into the machine). The sink stand lowers down into the floor. Run down the stairs and you find yourself in..........................

The Chamber of Secrets

Ron/Hermione are stood behind rocks. Harry is off to find Ginny.

Entering the Chamber destroy everything you can on the way – this will help you find your way later on. Light torches, mop up studs. Stop the two swinging oblongs or columns with a spell. Get a tough guy to turn the handle on the winding machine. This action produces a green outlined bag in the area before you stopped the oblongs – leave it for the moment. Destroy two barrels, mop up studs. Light up torch (be careful not to fall in the water). Go back and open the bag.

When returning, pass oblongs and drop over the edge on characters on L/H side to hidden basement room – open grids (2), pick up (? Hat), destroy trees, mop up studs, obey the owl's cry, pick up(? reward) and climb rope. Return to water's edge.

Place lowering spell on floating platforms, move to the edge, jump on to it and onto the next. Lower the third ...... continue lowering and jumping until you reach the other side.

Before setting off, cast a spell on cover which goes over the steam outlet to stop yourself getting burned. Destroy 2 blue/black things and pick up studs. Do the same as before with the cove to the other steam outlet. The next two steam outlet covers have to be lowered before you continue. [observe green serpent painted on wall]. Kill two green snakes. Mop up studs. Open grating on the wall to reveal (? a reward). Go up to serpent painting on wall get Harry and perform Parsletongue. Use spell to lift first door. Pass through it into a golden glow(ring of confidence). Use spell on yourself to produce a bag (top left). Open it. A winding machine appears. Summon tough guy to turn handle to cover steam outlet. Enter sub- on your character's R/H side, and open bag to reveal (?Hat). Go to door, cast spell and open door. Pass thro' to next room (2)

Quite a lot of killing of green snakes happens in the section below. They increase in numbers as you progress through the rooms.

Mop up studs. Destroy trees, blue/ black things and barrels. Kill green snakes. Summon Harry – Parsletongue again, listen for the the door to unlock – use spell to actually lift the door.

Destroy barrels, mop up studs and blue/black thing. Touch statue and complete resulting puzzle. Green serpent on wall appears – Parsletongue. Use spell to lift door. Enter next room (3).

Mop up studs, tap statue, reveal green serpent on wall. Use Parsletongue , complete puzzle – open door to room 4.

Mop up studs, blue/black things and barrel ( be careful of the drop in darkened area or you will drown). Leave the dustbin lid type thing at present. – Go over to the slot machine – select character needed - tap machine and complete "pairs matching" game. A gap in the wall appears. Go very carefully through the gap. Cast spell on steam pipe cover to lift it from floor. Next cast spell to make the other one drop down over remaining steam vent. Destroy blue/black things and mop up studs. Important: Take notice of owl directing you to a prize on the very edge of the light grey area, left hand side pick up the bottle of fertilizer . Cast spell to open the grating in wall for another surprise (?studs – I think).

At this point, you are surrounded by green/gold glow of confidence. Cast spell, this produces another bag to be opened. Destroy barrel *DO NOT GO DOWN STAIRS ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE as pool is full of water and you will drown – STAY LEFT SIDE OF SCREEN. Light torch , enter time machine as Hermione or Prof. McGonegal - turn back time by rotating machine anti clockwise. Go to edge, jump to platform, jump again to pick up (? Hat) on right hand opening. Mop up studs, stand on edge – cast spell on green drain underfoot. This empties the pool. Pause a moment then jump down, into empty pool. Mop up studs. Climb the stairs and go back to the ledge again.

Cast Spell on the two green oblongs on left hand side – these change into jumping platforms – use them to reach the other side – light torch, pick up blue studs. Jump back the way you entered. Walk up to the manhole in the passage way. Turn sharp (character's) left until you reach another manhole – cast spell on the thing you saw earlier that resembles a dustbin lid and this will remove water. Go down flight of steps (character's left), mop up studs, destroy trees and stones. Go up steps,(character's right) destroy blue/black things. Cast spell on green edged wall grating to reveal serpent painted on the wall (don't use Harry yet). Go to machine and select goblin creature for "slot machine" duty – play cog game. (? prize but I can't remember what!) Go back to serpent on wall, become Harry,– use Parsletongue – steam stops spouting, you pass under it and exit right.

Walk to edge of pool – jump very quickly over 6 platforms to reach gateway with green serpent painted on the floor. Use Parsletongue, the water empties from pool and the box produces a rope which dangles downwards into the space. Jump onto character's right hand platform with big block on edge. Select tough guy from characters. Tap block, engage, push block hard into pool. Drop down into now empty pool, engage, pull block over first wooden square. Run very rapidly to dangling rope and climb before water engulfs you. Climb to platform, change to Harry, use parsletongue to empty pool. Change back to tough guy character, move block twice more and get back quickly each time. ( you may have to do this several times as the pool fills very quickly and you will drown). Change back to Harry and use Parsletongue. Mop up studs and raise block upwards. Jumping pads appear, use them to pick up (? Hat). Turn around, two jumps back, another serpent – pick up the key, Parsletongue again at new serpent to empty pool, drop down into pool, climb rope, last spell on door and pass thro'. Mop up studs, light torch, raise statue to reveal (? red brick). Exit left.

Meeting of Tom Riddle and Basilisk – listen to talk, observe "blue glow" around snake holes - use raising spell on green edged guards – destroy snakes (little green wiggly things) for each of these guards or shields, there are 4 snakes. In between bouts, jump off from protective barrier and cast Destroying Spell at Basilisk until the four holes have been blocked. This being completed , a huge tail raises from the water on right hand side of screen (don't get in its way!) - blast your way through the path on the right. When reaching blue studs a painted green serpent appears ahead of you – change to Harry, tap snake and Hiss into microphone, beware of slashing tail. Another painted serpent appears R/H side of screen – make a dash for this, missing the tail slash. This results in another serpent appearing on the L/H side of the screen – dash for this – do the Harry Hiss 3 times – watch the green platforms rise out of the water where you saw the first serpent. Go to them quickly. Cast lowering spell and jump on the platform, do the same thing again and again. Another platform for you to jump and another and another – from this you will see another platform and also the "blue glow" which tells you that the Basilisk is about to use it to attack you.

When the Basilisk has attacked and retreated back along the hole ( you may have to fire a shot or two) – jump quickly onto this platform and then to the other which has appeared on the left hand side. Turn yourself around to face Basilisk (you will see now that a painted serpent has appeared on the side of the cave). When clear, jump back to the platform below – tap the painted serpent – use Parsletongue – you may be able to walk away at this juncture by seemingly walking into the hole, but in fact you find you are on 'solid ground' – continue to the top – destroy the square stone thing that is in the way. This reveals a sword. Tap it – this enlarges and drops over the edge to destroy Basilisk.

If this fails: jump a few of the platforms – fire at the beast as often as you can see it (tail end is best – reach the green edged platform – you now magically have a three platform runway where you can run back and forth to miss the beast.

Keep an eye peeled R/H side , another step/platform will appear in due course – use it and the next until the green painted serpent appears – tap the thing again – continue as above, then you are away.

User Info: EricDent1

7 years ago#2
Looks promising, however a lot of people are past that area.

I am currently working on Year 3 of my full walkthrough, I hope to have it finished by about the
1st or second week in August.
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