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User Info: Jaredbcool

8 years ago#1
I have a psp and a wii. What system should i buy it for.

User Info: venuse

8 years ago#2
thats hard to say since i havent played the psp version or read any info on it. i will say that the game for the wii is pretty good except for a few things on the controls. waggling of the wiimote isnt perfect and doesn't read your waggle 100% of the time so it can be alittle frustrating at times, and control of the banshee can be alittle frustrating do to the use of motion controls. now there is something about the wii version you wont get on the psp. if you have motion plus the controls are supposed to be better and open up different ways of using motion controls in game. as well as if you have the board you can use that in different ways although since i havent neither i dont know what :P not to mention the graphics on the wii are probably going to be better if that matter to you.

User Info: NekoSlave

8 years ago#3
Is it the same version? I mean, the Wii is different than the other two consoles, is the PSP version the same one as the Wii?
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User Info: David Cheng

David Cheng
8 years ago#4
I bet PSP & Wii version are same. From the pics here, the graphic quality looks like PSP games.
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User Info: 2darkforapictur

8 years ago#5
i haven't played the psp version but i think it would be reallllllly interesting. i'd prefer wii but yeah, inttttereassstting.

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