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User Info: Avalionis

7 years ago#1
Anyone know where exactly I enter said codes at?
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User Info: gaming_noob4000

7 years ago#2
I think the codes are for another version of the game, maybe PC or Wii.

User Info: Avalionis

7 years ago#3
Hmm...I did this survery on the site in the manual, and it gave me codes for it.
Platinum FC-0560 4368 1192

User Info: Avalionis

7 years ago#4
Now, there MUST be some way to enter the codes for this game...there's Red Bricks you can find, but usually there's a password option to enter codes.

Wouldn't make any sense for them NOT to have the option available...
Platinum FC-0560 4368 1192

User Info: Laniidae

7 years ago#5
I got these off the
Cheat Codes:

QQWC6B: Invincibility Red Brick Extra- Player character will not take damage
ZEX7MV: Doomed Recovery Red Brick Extra- Players character will be saved when falling off ledges

Is this the same as you got?

It seems wrong for PSP LegoHP to not have a place to put in codes.
The room of requirements area leaves a lot to be desired.

User Info: Avalionis

7 years ago#6
that's the problem with handheld versions of console games.

With the console version they go all out in making it. With the handheld version they tend to do it REALLY half-@$$ed.

Makes me regret ever buying this game now. Can't return it for a refund, won't ever get my $35 worth for it anywhere else...I COULD try to sell it at a yard sale for $25...but I doubt I'll get THAT much for such a horrid game.
Platinum FC-0560 4368 1192

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