samurai sword location?

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User Info: dritzz80

7 years ago#1
Okay i was reading and says its in the location of the room with a bunch of stim packs. Im still not seeing it inn there though.

User Info: CincyBengals84

7 years ago#2
on the samurai's body.... after you kill him

User Info: caketoo

7 years ago#3
You have to go through the garbage area and when you meet up with that girl again its in the room behind her

User Info: lindsleyadam

7 years ago#4
It's SUPPOSED to be on a shelf in the closet at the end of the Waste Disposal area, but there's currently a glitch where half the time it won't show up there. I've gone through Mothership Zeta twice now and it hasn't been there both times.

User Info: jakethesnake159

7 years ago#5

ok wich of you guys are telling the true cause there was three answers so if you have any prof than you will win yay.

User Info: hells_highway

7 years ago#6

The sword is towards the end of the garbage area when you meet up with Sally, and right before going through the teleporter. Or if you miss the sword like I did, you can shoot it out of the samurai's hand while in the bridge.

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  3. samurai sword location?

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