Harmless funny glitches WTF moments

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User Info: Mr_Mantrain

7 years ago#1
Glitch sharing thread. Excluding the typical exploits, frame lag, and freezing issues

When I first listened to GNR, Three Dog was making these odd screeching noises instead of talking. I thought Three Dog couldn't be any more annoying before, but I guess I was wrong.

Sometimes when I used the Eugene minigun in VATS, the bullets will glitch out and appear to be coming every direction towards the target. It has this sparkler like effect to it, which is cool, but I can't help but sigh when the ALL of those bullets completely miss the target.

While collecting Steel ingots during The Pitt, I had to kill some Wildmen. Sometimes when you kill someone in VATS the ragdoll death is a bit overexaggerated, but it I never expected a Wildman to get hit so hard by my assault rifle that he flew OUT of the Steelyard. It reminded me of Pokemon, whenever Team Rocket would blast off and fly off into the sky.

Sometimes I wonder if the developers over in Bethesda even test their games. I wonder how bad the fallout 3 beta was, if there ever was one ; )

User Info: ghoulKing

7 years ago#2

right in front of old odney death claws were flying up in the air like they were being beamed up by aliens and when i shot them they either fell 2 there death or got stuck in the air

i heard people wit the xbox 360 version fell threw the floor on top of a building in the steel yard

User Info: Bubble_Man

7 years ago#3

When escaping from vault 101, the guy beating on the window and yelling "this is your father's fault!" was missing his head. There was just a transparant sphere with eye balls and a mouth utop his shoulders.

User Info: Mr_Mantrain

7 years ago#4

Point lookout has random stuff floating in the air...and among the random stuff theres a cart, a tire, and some skeletons, only the skeletons are glitching and every single bone on the skeleton is rotating around the torso very rapidly. Looks like a swarm of bugs on a floating nest or something.

User Info: dbeauluvswomen

7 years ago#5
I've also seen the Deathclaws near Old Odney beaming up into the air. It was pretty weird. And also in Point Lookout I have junk floating in the air. There is even a rainbow of tires. I know there are some that I just can't think of at the moment.

User Info: Mr_Mantrain

7 years ago#6
Ive also had a few stretch glitches, like when you kill someone and their body just wont stop spinning and stretching and flying everywhere.
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