How to fix game freeze - really works!

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User Info: Holy_Wraith

5 years ago#1
In case any Fallout 3 gamers didn't know this trick to stop game freeze and PS3 lock ups, I want to share info that could end most of your game freezes.

- delete game DATA,not the SAVE files (optional)
- load a save file to continue a game
- bring up your Pipboy
- Then pause (hit start)

You should see the "Save" option unavailable or "grayed out", then you'll see the HDD yellow light showing activity, since this could take 10 to 30 mins of game data installing to the HDD, enjoy doing something in the mean time.

Check you PS3 HDD yellow light to see if disc activity stopped, if so then the game should be ready to play without locking up.

It worked PERFECTLY for me after I pushed thru Point Lookout and then resuming the story mode and the game play was very smooth. My game didn't even freeze when I had Dogmeat or Fawkes following me and V.A.T.S. didn't lock up either.

For the note, I got an old fat PS3 with a 320gb HDD and I have 15mb size saves and nothing was affected.

Hope this helps.
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User Info: Holy_Wraith

5 years ago#2
Just wanted to say Thanks to GLAMPIRE and the one who posted the link for giving me the idea for the method I discovered,

Note that the link mentions doing the method at Big Town, but I was able to do the "HDD install" from any where.

If it wasn't for that thread, I wouldn't have ever beaten Fallout 3 GOTY, I had to keep "inching" around and constantly restart my PS3 since MAY 2010, finally I beat the last few missions and found my last Bobblehead.

I will give this method I discovered on my Platinum trophy run.

See you folks later

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Space Battleship Yamato
PSN: WraithKnight73

User Info: nebilim_ToS

5 years ago#3
Well... i didn't have too much freezes in the main game. Maybe 8 6? 140 hours of play. I recently started doing the DLC and breezed trough Mothership zeta and operation anchorage without too much issues even with 14 mega save.

Bur point look out is proving to be a complete nightmare...i'm always freezing up permanently after 15 minutes of play or so. It is really REALLY frustrating. I'm going to try this to see if works.

You were freezing in point lookout and worked for you?
Is the pitt that horrible as well?
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User Info: Holy_Wraith

5 years ago#4
nebilim_ToS posted...
You were freezing in point lookout and worked for you?
Is the pitt that horrible as well?

When I completed Point Lookout and resumed normal play, I would freeze every few mins, then not long ago I read the linked thread, but I did my method and I breezed thru the rest of the game, I started my platinum trophy play thru on fresh new characters and no freezes yet.

As for the Pitt, I don't recall lock freezing as bad as Point Lookout,
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User Info: MrBrrumpkins

5 years ago#5
I am going to try this, because my game is starting to freeze very often. I really don't remember it freezing at all before. My file is nearly 7MB. Deathclaws are starting to blast off in the air. I observed some raiders fighting a Deathclaw and it shot up in the atmosphere and the raiders were pointing their guns up in the air. Glitchy!

User Info: Andronicus87

5 years ago#6
I did this it didnt work my game is still freezeing,
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User Info: bbv92628sm

5 years ago#7
This method may fix your freezing problem temporarily, but it is definitely not a long-term solution. People who bought Skyrim are already having the same problems once the save file exceeds 6MB. You would think a problem that has been going on since the original release of Fallout 3 would have been addressed by now. Then again, we are talking about Bethesda--a company that constantly cranks out flawed and buggy games that people keep buying.
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User Info: Holy_Wraith

5 years ago#8
I just got Skyrim, and that slowed down my 2nd play thru of Fallout 3.

If the lag freeze happens with Skyrim then I'll never get another Bethesda game again.
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