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User Info: JoJoCool734

6 years ago#1
I’ve been having a good time playing FFXIV and wanting to list 14 things you could do in the game that I’ve enjoyed. 14 since its Final Fantasy 14. ^_^

1.) The regular "Grind against the mobs" with your Fighter/Mage jobs.
2.) Craft!
3.) The "Lay of the Land" jobs.

-People are going to say that they are the same and that its still just grinding. But thats not the case. Each of #'s 1-3 ARE different. Tired of letting go of some frustration on some unsuspecting Dodo's? Why not try out a "Hot & Cold" mini-game from one of the "Lay of the Land" jobs. Nothing like finding a small pond/lake and just relaxing while trying to catch some crayfish. So all of your frustration is gone from the Dodo's and you've had your feel of fishing huh? Why not cook some of what you caught? Or, maybe create some armor/weapons for your Fighter/Mage class. I've played both FFXI & WoW and in my opinion, the crafting in FFXIV is better than both. I've really had fun ranking up my Leathercraft^^ and as a warning....crafting in this game CAN get addictive if you give it a chance........

4.) Battle/Field/Faction Leves
5.) Craft Leves

-These "cards" you get from the adventurers guild are pretty fun and a way to get some extra gil and some pretty good items. It also lets you fight mobs that you may not have even seen yet i.e. imps. And with "Guardian Aspect", it's a good chance to get some really good Rank Points in a short amount of time. And on the Craft Leves, nothing beats not having to use up your items/shards and still be able to get Rank Points for your choice of craft. Not to mention the “reward” craft item you receive if you successfully complete the leve along with shards, gill, and even extra items if you do well enough. People complain that you can only can get 8 new Battle/Field Leves and 8 new Craft Leves around every 36 hours (set time) but I've found that it's plenty for me and I'm more than just a casual gamer. And when you get to the rank 20 Battle Leves, guildmarks here you come! And now to Faction Leves. I’ve done a few of these and they are pretty cool, and fairly different. Each has a different story to them that you hear about from the NPC you talk to at the beginning of the leve. Rather it’s playing the “Hide-And-Seek” game to find and examine crates spread throughout Limsa, or killing that “Boss” that’s reeking havoc in Eorzea. Have had fun doing them all!

6.) Behests

So you've tried out all the Disciplines and the Leves and you want to do something else? Why not try doing Behests? Behests kind of reminds me of FFXI's-Beseiged. You can do one by talking to a Battlewarden NPC (near camps) when one is about to start. I think its a 5 min time window to sign up for it and the behests are every hour on the hour i believe. It's not a whole lot different than maybe a Leve but is still enjoyable.

7.) Guild

When you get to Rank 20, join a guild! I have currently joined the LNC and CON guilds and am enjoying the extra quests you can do for the extra story (really good writing in FFXIV imo). The extra gil and guild marks you receive from completing the quests is always a good thing too!


User Info: JoJoCool734

6 years ago#2
8.) Main Quest

I think the Main Quests are AWESOME. Great story and Great cutscenes. I found myself grinding for rank ups just so that I could continue with the Main Quest because I wanted to know what was next. If you haven't done any of the Main Quests, do them! They really are awesome.

9.) Social

There are times when I play this game and I kind of just want to play alone and solo. And there are times I’d rather be playing with other people. Whats so good about this MMO is that you can do which ever you prefer easily. Recently I’ve been joining exp party shouts and I have to admit, I’m having a blast. Not to mention that it seems to be a lot more efficient in getting rank ups. So if you haven’t tried it out, do so. There may be good ones (parties) and bad ones, but I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve participated in. A long time gamer friend could be just a shout away….
And speaking of gamer friends, why not join a linkshell while you’re at it. As with any MMO, joining the right linkshell (or guild, whichever it may be called in the MMO you played) can make the game that much more enjoyable. And helpful to boot.

10.) Market Wards

Ok, the Market Wards in this game has taking some serious heat and people want an Auction House ASAP. When I first started playing this game, I was also one of those people. But now that they have implemented the idea of selling different items in certain areas I.e. Spellcrafter row, clothiers row….it has become easier to find items. Also, in future updates, they plan to further increase the ease of finding that certain item you’re looking for. And with all of this, I believe FFXIV should stick with Market Wards rather than an AH. I believe it would also help the ingame economy of FFXIV. Not to mention that people will be more willing to pay a little bit extra for that hard earned item you crafted/killed a mob for….

11.) Explore

The graphics in FFXIV are AMAZING. Go out there and explore the new lands. Get to those far away camps so that you can teleport to it at a later date. Find those towns and see what the NPC's are talking about. I've seen some breath-taking scenery from my exploring, glad I did.

12.) Music

The best music I’ve heard in any MMO. Hands down. Nuff said.

13.) Parley

Another mini-game that you can play with certain NPC’s that can reward you with items, info, and more after you have completed the Rank 15 Main Quest. Seems that you can only parley certain items though, which they will list. If your nation is Gridania the NPC is Aubrenard (7-4), if your nation is Ul’dah the NPC is Baterich (4-7), if your nation is Limsa Lominsa the NPC is Ansgor (6-5). See websites for how to play.

14.) Further Updates

I have already heard that SE are going to add NM's (Notorious Monsters) in November/December updates among many other things. I for one am real excited about the NM's. Always made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I finally claimed, killed, and received that special item I was wanting from ffxi! lol
Their also implementing auto-sort function for inventory which I’m glad about and of course they will be adding many, many more things to come. Game will keep getting better and better^^

Hope this helps and enjoy!

User Info: ragnarokius

6 years ago#3
Is this a guide on how to enjoy the game...? Not to mention most of those are present in, well, every game ever to some extent.

Dr Pepper

User Info: JoJoCool734

6 years ago#4
Posted 11/9/2010 5:56:16 PM
message detail
"Is this a guide on how to enjoy the game...? Not to mention most of those are present in, well, every game ever to some extent."


No. It's just my take on the game and some of the things I've enjoyed about FFXIV. Also, there might be things listed that a player hasn't tried yet and might want to.

User Info: BahamutDarkFire

6 years ago#5
Market wards are probably one of the coolest but worst executed ideas in the game.

I don't want an AH, but I do want a way to search all retainers.
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User Info: ragnarokius

6 years ago#6
Market wards is a lot like the trading area in Maple Story, isn't it? People set up shops or whatever?
Dr Pepper

User Info: JoJoCool734

6 years ago#7
Not sure ragnarok, haven't played that.
And yeah FFrulz, it would be pretty cool to be able to search all retainers for the items they have w/o having to click on each one's bazaar. I think they are going to add a search function to the market wards to where it'll tell you who is selling the item you're searching for or maybe that its in a certain ward.

User Info: RageOfBlades

6 years ago#8

The only thing that I can honestly say I'm enjoying with this game is watching SE stocks drop for the past 2 months. Now all they have to do is give another extended free period to make it more interesting.

User Info: AMoP

6 years ago#9
I swear you already posted this topic like twice.
The Masterofpirates
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User Info: JoJoCool734

6 years ago#10
Has anyone received any rare items from Parley? If so, what?

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