Minimum requirement to run?

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User Info: ThatLaoGuy

7 years ago#1
Whatcha think the requirement to run this game would be? I know we can't travel to the future and find out, but just off the top of your head, what do you folks thinks?
I mean, do you speculate this game would set the bar? Or should I be comparing the requirements to recent games like Aion?

I'm asking because I'm not really a pc gamer but I've played FFXI fine on my old pc because it was just a lot easier to do than on that PS2, haha.
So i'm preparing to build a gaming rig just for FFXIV.
If you can help, that would be great. If my question is just too stupidly impossible to answer, then I deserve a slap too.
Gamertag: That Lao Guy

User Info: Soren3791

7 years ago#2
16 Gigs of Ram
NVidia GTX 260 Graphics card (Not sure what the ATI equivalent of that is) or higher
Intel i7 Processor with about 3.55 Ghz
2 TB of HDD space.

That should cover it.
PSN/XBL: Seon3791

User Info: askpeevies

7 years ago#3
i'm sure a 9800gt will max it out like it does everything else STILL
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User Info: Lapanui

7 years ago#4
Nobody is 100& sure atm.

I've already built mine, had no choice, my old comp broke, but I used parts from it and bought some better parts.

I would go with:

4GB Ram, 3GB is hard to sort out....
2.4Ghz+ Quad Core
Nvidia 200 Series. Nothing below 250, theyer abit meh...
Decent Nvidia motherboard which can handle the graphics card.
600 - 700W PSU

My setup is:
OCZ 2x2GB Ram
Nvidia 250 GTS 2GB
Asus Formula Striker II Motherboard SLI 780i
OCZ GameXStream 700W PSU
Intel Quad 2 Core Q6600, 2.4Ghz
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User Info: Kyolux

7 years ago#5
I'm sure two legs with some decent feet and some shoes is the minimum you'd want to run...

Call me Kyolux...

User Info: Darom Sunyata

Darom Sunyata
7 years ago#6
At the very least, we can be sure it'll be no higher than the max specs of a PS3 right?
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User Info: Styron

7 years ago#7
I'd assume that FFXIV isn't going to be using 100% of the PS3's resources, and both versions are likely optimized differently. Factor in an operating system and make your own conclusions.
PSN: Antor, Gamertag: tstyron

User Info: Tanon

7 years ago#8
I personally think the minimium specs are going to be so far lower then some of you people.

I think an 8800 GT or GTS with a dual core will run it, probably 2gb of ram with xp, 4gb with vista/win7.

Hell i'm actually confident that even if i didn't upgrade my g/f's computer with her 7900 GT and dual core that I could pull off low settings. Though I will probably throw a 9800 in it.

User Info: Annuvyn

7 years ago#9
I will start on PS3 and wait a while, a year at least before buying a rig especially for FFXIV.

That should be enough time for it to be obvious what runs it well and what does not.

I lost my signature.

User Info: Master_Materia

7 years ago#10
^ That is a good idea. For some reason I never even thought about getting it for the PS3. I was going to upgrade my PC for it, but I think I'll go with that plan.
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