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User Info: Ozymandis

7 years ago#1
Curious for people in the beta, how many options are available in character creation? I'm sure it's much more extensive than FFXI was, but I'm just wondering if SE has gotten this part of the game fairly complete yet.
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User Info: TheGreatAmazo

7 years ago#2
here you go
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User Info: Styron

7 years ago#3
From what I can tell it's practically exactly the same as Final Fantasy XI plus:

1) Options to add facial hair / scars / earrings / blush
2) Many hair colors plus a highlight color
3) Two more options for height
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User Info: TheGreatAmazo

7 years ago#4
and this time you can be a person of color,,,,,
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User Info: askpeevies

7 years ago#5
don't forget eye color and skin color
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User Info: paerarru

7 years ago#6
I'm not in the beta but I can tell you that it is much more extensive than FFXI's. Which really wasn't hard to do since there was barely any customizing in FFXI, I mean there were 8 race-gender combinations, and 8 choices for each. With an alternative hair color. And 3 different sizes. That was it.

Now we have the same 8 race-gender combinations, but you can manually combine several facial features and hairstyle, as well as choose skin, hair and eye color, which exponentially raises the possible number of combinations. There are also light and dark clans for each race (and I wonder if we might get more in future expansions, that would be awesome), several details such as tattoos you can add, and 5 sizes. So it will be much, much more unlikely for you to encounter a twin, which was extremely common in FFXI.

It's also rumored there will be a larger selection of options when the game comes out.

Look up videos of character customization on youtube or something, there's a bunch out there.

User Info: paerarru

7 years ago#7
Oh and it's also rumored there might be ways to change hair style/color when the game comes out.

But yeah, a much, much more extensive system.

User Info: Ozymandis

7 years ago#8
TheGreatAmazo, thanks. I watched one character creation video but it only had Miquote. That video has several different races and sexes. One thing I notice is that some of the FFXI hairstyles are gone, or altered. I played as a Hume Female with 7B in XI, which wasn't very popular, so I doubt that made it.

The only thing I'm still wondering about is the Rogaedyn character creation. That wasn't in the video. I'm sure we'll be able to make the classic "bald Galka" though :P
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User Info: Eskii

7 years ago#9
How SE is doing the character creation is odd to me, like lets say i want a scar on my right eye with a chin strap and lighting face paint, well i Have to have face type 4 which i might not like the look off.

In other words, right now the character creation is very limited.

User Info: Shadygrove

7 years ago#10
Its about the best I have seen that doesn't feature sliders.

The color palates for hair, highlights, skin, and eye colors have 12? 16? 24? (I forget) choices, and they are different for the different races and tribes.

Eye shape, nose, features (actually face shape), give quite a bit of differentiation before you get to the scars, tats, and jewelery choices.
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