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User Info: PSYB0RG1

6 years ago#1

I played FF11 on the PS2 and Xbox and just liked it way more than the feel of the PC version, will FF14 allow us to connect a gamepad? and will it work well?

User Info: datenshireverie

6 years ago#2
Yes, you definitely can. Many players feel like SE is more in favor of players using the gamepad rather than the keyboard (if nothing else, they don't seem to like letting PC players use the mouse :/ ). I'd use a 360 controller myself if it wasn't such a pain to put it down every time you need to talk.
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User Info: SamGv

6 years ago#3

I'm planning to pickup a wired xbox 360 gamepad for ff14, shouldn't have any problems?

User Info: ignaxio

6 years ago#4
no, gamepad is definitely the superior choice right now and IMO the 360 controller is the best one out there

User Info: SamGv

6 years ago#5

Great. I'll have to pick one up then!

User Info: ParadicioV6

6 years ago#6
uh no be a man and use a ps2 controller
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User Info: Darkoon_

6 years ago#7


Which do you prefer?
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User Info: Hayabusa09

6 years ago#8
If anyone could post a link on how to get a Dualshock 3 to work on PC w/out buying a program I would appreciate it.
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User Info: ignaxio

6 years ago#9
the people who originally made it's website is down now, so I made a .zip of all the files and put it on mediafire

unfortunately the fix I use only works in 32 bit, so if you had one of those OS's you could use it on that

User Info: ENOIGIG

6 years ago#10
I read about this issue that doesn't allow to play FFXIV with a PS3 controller on Windows 7, but since PS3 and PS2 controller are almost identical, will it work the same If I just plug in a PS2 one?
I played FFXI with it, although I was on PC, and I never had a complaint. Thanks If anyone knows.

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