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User Info: Yad2ckrU

6 years ago#1
Since the beta is nearing it's end and the CE release is next week I am wondering if there is any news on the payment options?

As you might know (or maybe not), credit cards are not as common in the EU as they are in the USA. In Holland, where I am from, we can directly pay for online services through our bank accounts. No CC needed. This works for all Dutch websites and all the big mmo's also accept this kind of payment (WoW, EVE, NCsoft games).

Payments made outside of the EU/country are made mostly by paypal, which you can just link to your bank account. Again no CC needed for this.

Another reason we don't use credit cards as much here is because it is not as easy to get a CC over here as in the USA.

Now I do know the SE Crysta points are probably gonna be used to pay for this game, but as of know I don't know how you can pay for those.. Credit card? Game Time Cards? Paypal? Anyone knows?

Would be a shame if it is still CC only like FFXI since I am quite sure SE will be missing out on a lot of costumers if they don't provide alternate payment options outside of Japan. It's also disgusting that there are tons of payment options for residents of Japan but outside of there it seems SE doesn't give a damn :/

tl;dr: Is there any other way to pay for monthly subscription except credit card ?

User Info: Master_Materia

6 years ago#2
I read they will be doing time cards, but I cannot confirm this is 100% as it was some forum post claiming they said they would, who knows.

User Info: SeikenZ

6 years ago#3


I'm also from the Netherlands and I'm wondering about the all of the payment options as well. I did read somewhere about the game cards though, so our best bet would be those for now.

User Info: Anodyne11

6 years ago#4
time game cards would be good, I'd probably go for that option if it was available.
but don't you have access to any bank cards?
i live in the UK and i was (and still am) able to pay with a debit card.
I'm not sure if debit cards are available in the netherlands (I'd assume they are) but pretty much anyone can get one as long as you have a bank account
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User Info: Yad2ckrU

6 years ago#5
Yeah I am hoping for that too.... but since there was this interview with a Square-Enix dev like 6 months ago nothing else was mentioned about gamecards :/

I'm sorry about bringing this topic up again and again over the last few months but as CE release is next week and I got the game on pre-order I would like to know if I have to cancel it or not since paying with creditcard is NO option for me :(

User Info: Yad2ckrU

6 years ago#6
Well Anodyn,

We do have debit cards here in Holland issued by our local banks but last time I checked FFXI did not allow us to pay with thoie in Holland, only Visa/Mastercards are usable for that over here :(
I just assume it's gonna be the same way for FXIV unless SE announces something.

User Info: Tnykuuh

6 years ago#7
I don't think they are planing time card. you pretty much stuck with credit card (or debit card with visa or mastercard logo on them).

They announced, that they will have monthly, 3 or 6 months subscription packages (with the 3 and 6 months are going to have discount price)
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User Info: Yad2ckrU

6 years ago#8
Well, if that's the case I'm gonna wait till monday and see if any news comes about this else I will have to cancel my pre-order and go back to WoW /cry

User Info: Anodyne11

6 years ago#9
ah that sucks =/ i used to use a SOLO card to pay for FFXI but as i said i live in the UK.
still, I'm hoping they do prepaid cards that you can get from game stores.
the only thing i can find is "prepaid cards are also being considered as well." from an old interview.
Final Fantasy XIV: Esthar Falcus - Trabia

User Info: OnionMan6

6 years ago#10
Get a debit card to pay for it. If you can't use your debit card, then link it to PayPal and use that to pay. It's honestly faster to use paypal anyways. Just type in your Email/Password instead of CC Number and all of that.

Worst case scenario - Prepaid mastercards work
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