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User Info: Deusnocturne

7 years ago#1
What do you think guys should SE allow a modder community?

I personally think SE would be shooting themselves in the foot financially if they didn't, I would attribute a lot of WoW's early success to the modder community and the positive feedback that came from blizzard about it. Without that I think a lot of people will quit the game after trying it out for a month or so, if not sooner. Personally think the UI in XIV is craptacular (at least in beta) the whole thing isn't very intuitive and well may be the only thing that keeps me from becoming a long term player. (Nevertheless I'm still picking up the CE tomorrow)

User Info: Riot55555

7 years ago#2
No DK Mode/Bighead mode = canceled subscription

User Info: HeWhoYerfs

7 years ago#3
While I think it would be a good idea if they did, I don't think they plan to allow for mods and plugins and the like. It's never really been their style.
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User Info: Prinny_Pwnage

7 years ago#4
yeah you would get banned using just windower in FFXI so i doubt they'll do such a thing.
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User Info: Shibuto

7 years ago#5

From: Deusnocturne | #001
I personally think SE would be shooting themselves in the foot financially if they didn't,

The do you know? Are you an analyst or someone in charge of their finances?

User Info: Deusnocturne

7 years ago#6
Well I understand your reading and comprehension skills might be sub-par but if you READ THE WHOLE POST I do state why I have that opinion. I realize that those 5-6 sentences was too much for your very short attention span.

User Info: holyknight14

7 years ago#7
I wouldn't mind you not being a long term player.
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User Info: YHWH

7 years ago#8
So you're going to quit FFXIV in about a month because it's not mod-friendly?

Am I safe to assume you're going to play WoW: Cataclysm when it's released after quitting FFXIV?

User Info: Rickster747

7 years ago#9
I'd enjoy mod-ability too. At least a little bit of it.
I don't see why these guys are being all defensive about wanting to be able to mod your game some.

They whine about anything, though.

User Info: SilverNeroBlast

7 years ago#10
People modded in beta I heard.Something about making the mithras(sorry they will always be mithras to me)nude...But I heard this from sankaku so I'm not sure.
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