Biggest damage dealers?

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User Info: Raymond

6 years ago#1
Who is the biggest damage dealer in Disciples of War? And who is the biggest nuker in Disciples of Magic?
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User Info: Jiga35

6 years ago#2
THM for caster


LNC for Single target decimation.

ARC is also good, but I prefer the other two DoWs I mentioned.
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User Info: Ellehaym

6 years ago#3
Marauder become so much fun after patch
Just go running around provoke any enemy, let them clump in one spot, and throw Storm's Path for fun damage
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User Info: kamikaze135

6 years ago#4
THM for magic and no doubt it will continue to be so after 1.20. Also, for Disciples of War, wait till after 1.20. A lot of being revamped for 1.20 in prep for the job system so a lot of roles may change aside from CNJ and THM.
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