Advice on Company Seals?

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User Info: jiinn

4 years ago#1
Hi. As of the writing of this post (April 2012), what is the most efficient way of earning Company Seals in this game? Thanks :)

User Info: kusumoto

4 years ago#2
Running Toto-Rak and turning in the drops.
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User Info: kamikaze135

4 years ago#3
kusumoto posted...
Running Toto-Rak and turning in the drops.

^^Pretty much this. If you can't find anybody to do runs with (two can enter), just go NM gear hunting.
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User Info: BlackBladeRune

4 years ago#4
Make sure you do the 3 side quests involving the strongholds also. You might miss them since they're from random npcs not the gc hall. They're worth 700 seals each. Not sure what the rank requirements are though.
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User Info: Sasquatchimo

4 years ago#5
Yeah as far as repeatable ways of getting seals as opposed to one time quests, on average you get about 1000 seals in less than 30 minutes running toto-rak.

On the flip side, it takes around 2 hours to gain 1000 seals doing level 40 GC leves.

Then there are world NMs... but... I'd say it is far worse than doing GC leves.
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User Info: jiinn

4 years ago#7
Cool. Thanks for the advices, guys :)
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