How to make money

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User Info: Sipio

5 years ago#1
I see people saying how they have millions of Gil.
Was wondering if anyone can tell me how to make some money? ;-)

User Info: ELIS_A

5 years ago#2
Learn the economy of your sever
Find out what the hot item
Sell it
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User Info: KingThing

5 years ago#3
You can make around 2 million a month doing nothing but battle leves.
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User Info: Samuri

5 years ago#4
Gil seems to be worthless because the leves give so much of it out.
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User Info: pies12

5 years ago#5
Fishan + alcheman.
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User Info: levelxplane

5 years ago#6
Quick Money: Farm snurble tufts (level 20 mobs west of Bloodshore). you can get 99/hr and sell that for about 300k~ depending on your server.
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User Info: potatochobit

5 years ago#7
last year leves paid out 20k each

crafting would give you 1 craft item = 4 or 12 production + reward money

most everyone ran bots and leveled their crafts to 50 and made 10M each craft doing so

this has since been nerfed

but there are many people with 100M+
most of them will say they made it legit, just laugh at them

but once you get your crafts up
after every big patch there will be a run for new gear and items
you can literally make millions crafting as long as you do it the first few days after a patch

Are you even level 50 sipio? last week you were a low level newbie
I suggest you look into hamlet

I will tell you certain items in hamlet can be made into rare materia and you can make millions

so bascially your options are: make materia, mine, farm sheep
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User Info: KingThing

5 years ago#8
^ He is now level 50. Not sure if he was power leveled. Guessing he was.
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User Info: zazz9

5 years ago#9
I made 2 mil gil yesterday doing nothing but mining for 2 hours.

Catalysts on my server are insanely expensive for some reason... even though they are easy as **** to get. I went to Dragonhead, mined Fossilized Matter for not that long (well about 2 hours) had a stack and a half (almost 2 stacks). Well they sell for over 7k gil each on my server... which is completely ridiculous considering how easy they are to get. I just put all of them up for sale at wards along with all the mythril/silver I got... they all sold.

Fossilized Matter sell fast.. they are what you use to double/triple meld your Int/Str/whatever materia.

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