Stuck in Forest Temple

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User Info: Linkx20

5 years ago#1
Hey so real quick (game is on right now) I can't get past the second room, really doesn't seem that hard but I've raised the water and every guide says "jump onto the log and jump to the vines) and it's too far away to do that even with a running start... any thoughts?

User Info: yummychop

5 years ago#2
swim below the door that is still barred up, there's a switch there.

User Info: yummychop

5 years ago#3
alright, that was rushed and not a very good answer so here goes:

you need to raise the water level twice, there is a switch in the rooms to the left and right. to unbar the doors to these rooms you need to hit the switches, one is below the door and the other under and hidden. there's a puzzle in each room and once solved and having hit the switches the water will be high enough to use the log to jump over to the vines.

User Info: Linkx20

5 years ago#4
Yup yup thanks i just figured it out. I went down below and shot the first switch with my slingshot so i didn't realize that was supposed to happen after, and I didn't even realize the other water switch in the room with the two spiders. Got it now, thanks

User Info: cloakedboltz

5 years ago#5
You should read the stone tablets as you come across them.
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User Info: beestung

5 years ago#6
I got stuck here for a little bit myself. The red X's on the map are kind of counterintuitive as I assumed that they meant I had already hit both crystals.

User Info: Prealienking

5 years ago#7
cloakedboltz posted...
You should read the stone tablets as you come across them.

I'll be honest, I had no idea what that stone tablet meant at first.

But, when I figured it out, I beat myself for not getting it immediately.
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