How do I equip/use the shield?

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  3. How do I equip/use the shield?

User Info: xxxxxn

5 years ago#1
Okay, i'm in Faron Woods and there are these bush creatures shooting rocks at me and i need to have the shield equipped to deflect the rocks back at them so I can kill them. I received the shield from the instructor free and it hasn't broken yet. I heard that you use the nunchuck to raise the shield and I thought that your shield automatically got equipped, but apparently that wasn't the case as when i raised the nunchuck, the shield didn't get raised too.

What do I do? How do i do this? i wasn't paying attention in the beginning of the game when they told me how to use and equip the shield.

User Info: 1shadetail1

5 years ago#2
Push *and hold* the minus button. Point at the shield. Release the minus button.
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User Info: neonick

5 years ago#3
Press and hold the - button and point to your shield (if you bought one) and let go of the - to select it. To remove/equip it after that, just tap the - button after you set it to that button.
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User Info: TeridKane

5 years ago#4
Hold the minus button then point at the shield in the selection.
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  3. How do I equip/use the shield?

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