You people do realize there isn't an official announcement yet?

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  3. You people do realize there isn't an official announcement yet?

User Info: SatansBestBuddy

8 years ago#1
Shiggy said he wanted to announce it next year.

Now, why would he wait a whole year to announce a game he's working on now?

Why, because said game might not make it to next year!

Imagine, they're throwing around ideas, they're building a game around those ideas, and they stop and realize, "these are really bad ideas, lets start over."

"But sir," an underling cries, "we can't start over, the fans are expecting this game!"

"Well, that's okay," says Shiggy, "we haven't announced it officially yet, so if we scrap everything and start over, no one will care. Until we announce it, we have as much time as we can afford. Now, how much money are we making again?"

"Sir, I do believe you had to import thousand dollar bills to light your cigars."

"Then I think we can afford to start over and wait till 2012 to officially announce it."

"Yes, sir, you're a genius, sir."

"I know, now go tell the artists to draw Link with an eyepatch and a beard, I want to see how he'd look middle-aged."

So, yeah, they may be working on it, but they don't have anything to show us, no concept, no trailer, nothing, so they could be scraping everything RIGHT THIS MINUTE and we'd never know.

Hell, even if they DO give us a trailer, they might scrap everything and start over anyway; I mean, look at TP, they had trailers and concepts and everything finished, then they threw out almost everything and started over, WHILE IT WAS BEING FINISHED.

Yeah, we're gonna be here a while, cause this game isn't due out for years...
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User Info: SwordofAnduril

8 years ago#2
Probably all true. I'll bet one of the biggest challenges Miyamoto's facing right now is how to change Zelda and make it better at the same time. He already said TP was the last Zelda of its kind; now he's probably pacing up and down some conference room hoping he can think of a way to avoid being called a liar.
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User Info: Tithenion

8 years ago#3
I just thought..... I'll probably be done with college by the time this game comes out. O_O
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User Info: thaGreatness

8 years ago#4
Meh, I just hope they start slowly leaking info so we can speculate madly
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User Info: PirateSwordsman

8 years ago#5
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User Info: thaGreatness

8 years ago#6
Also that was an amazing reenactment, SBB.
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User Info: Unrealjoe

8 years ago#7
Just watch, Nintendo will delay the release date for the release date.
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User Info: Necrobal

8 years ago#8
Ah, can't wait for the 2012 release.
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User Info: Peace___Frog

8 years ago#9
Just watch, Nintendo will delay the release date for the release date.
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User Info: chris_

8 years ago#10
SBB you actually make a good point...

I dont think it was a good idea to show off that piece of artwork, after all the game hasnt been officially announced yet.
Now people are going to start asking more and more about a game that is on early development and whine about the lack of updates.

For all we know the whole thing could be scratched, remember the first TP trailer? almost nothing made it to the final game.
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  3. You people do realize there isn't an official announcement yet?

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