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User Info: LinguaMorta

8 years ago#1
I've always wanted to be Link for Halloween.

I'm confident I can make a nice green tunic and cap, and the belts will not be a problem. I have a friend who has a fingerless mitten pattern that looks like gauntlets, and she'll make me those.

I've got brown boots, and can pick up a blonde wig.

I don't think I can make a sword and shield, though. Is it possible to be Link without the Master Sword and Hylian shield???
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User Info: GoFigure746

8 years ago#2
You could always carry a bomb and have a friend dress up as a Dodongo.
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User Info: ch_1980

8 years ago#3
Go on ebay or amozon and with about 140 bucks you can get yourself that.

I just started working again so I have a looong way to save up for em.
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User Info: nerp_king

8 years ago#4
Depends on which game's Link you're planning.
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User Info: StallyMan_v4

8 years ago#5
"This topic's maturity level is equivalent to that of a 14 year old boy who lost his virginity to a couch."

User Info: PokeLegend666

8 years ago#6
I'd love to be link.

kicked in teh balz.
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User Info: TwiliteHero

8 years ago#7
Only girls can cosplay as Link!
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User Info: LinguaMorta

8 years ago#8
^^^ I am a girl. But it would not be for cosplay, but rather a regular Halloween party. I think Link is well-known enough to be recognized by non-gamers, right?

Or are the shield and sword essential?

And is it bad if the boots are high-heeled?
Lingua bona sola lingua morta est.
"...Um... That's a girl." -Ike, Ch. 17, FE:PoR

User Info: radelgirl

8 years ago#9
Another girl?!? Gasp!
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User Info: ammartin08

8 years ago#10
I try not to think of how much of a sausage-fest gamefaqs usually is.
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