Sky Sword's Instrument

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User Info: MoRbEuS_2142

7 years ago#1
A flying piano? A tuba with wings? A harmonica with fairy dust?

What do you think?
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User Info: OoT_Expert

7 years ago#2
it will be the jew's harp, but how do you even know that there will be an instrument? TP didn't have an instrument, so SS may not have an instrument also

User Info: lurkerguy

7 years ago#3
Lots of games didn't have an instrument, and they never really need one either.
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User Info: CervantesD

7 years ago#4
A Magical Piccolo...because it's the smallest wind instrument.
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User Info: Tziggyx

7 years ago#5
TP's instrument was the Wolf's Howl.
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User Info: Stally-

7 years ago#6
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User Info: Stally-

7 years ago#7
Also, if there is an instrument, it will probably be a flute.
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User Info: Roger_Rabbit_IV

7 years ago#8
The Deku Pipes would be the bomb...or the Zora Guitar...then again, the Goron's instrument was cool.

I doubt there will be a music instrument. Then again, you never know.

User Info: seanh94

7 years ago#9

Arent we forgeting the most obvious instrument of them all? the vuvuzela.

User Info: Stally-

7 years ago#10

From: seanh94 | #009
Arent we forgeting the most obvious instrument of them all? the vuvuzela.

Vuvuzela jokes stopped being funny ages ago.
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