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User Info: yuutokun777

6 years ago#1
I had really high hopes for this game but like many others, I'm cancelling my preorder after that 7.5.
I've been depressed lately and I was hoping this game would lift me from my low spirits but I guess I was wrong.
This is the first time I've felt like crying in a long time.

User Info: abdou

6 years ago#2
This will strong.

User Info: jakethenoob

6 years ago#3
Just get Skyim or Saints Row 3.

User Info: Dark_Lawl

6 years ago#4
..okay, I can't tell enough if this is a joke topic or not

Don't do anything stupid.
Gaming is going to die again.

User Info: DarkLinkAtHeart

6 years ago#5
Monster Hunter Tri [US - Dante]

User Info: Fungusdude

6 years ago#6
On the off-chance you are being serious, you really should consider all the 9s and 10s this game is getting from other sources.

User Info: DuStiN_457

6 years ago#7
Yep. Time to follow the Zelda series' example and jump off the ledge.

User Info: spoonman101

6 years ago#8
I didn't think people actually killed themselves over reviews.
We're gonna have an eye-popping, cracking lot of kit on that stand.

User Info: Bjjorick

6 years ago#9

first off, this is just a game, not anything important to life.  It's a way of resting, in my opinion, after God, and my wife and sons and family and friends and coworkers.  Lol, you have to fil your life with more then just games to pick you up because no matter the game, no matter how good, they never last long.


As far as this getting a 7.5, this review is going to get pulled and someone else will review it.  There are 31 reviews so far with an average score of 9.8?  Also the reviewer seems like he hates zelda games and/or wanted a new zelda game that's completely different.  Lol, Nintendo tried that with Metroid: Other M and though i haven't played it yet, i'm not sure if i will because they changed one major thing (the way you get your power ups), and it crashed and burned. 


To all those looking for a new game/new etc, don't look for it in a well established series.  Go out and try the games just making it at part 1 and part 2 or make your own games.  For people like me who love Zelda games, and look at it as growing up with an old friend, example, the game is maturing, but it's still the same basic game (replace the word game with friend :P), i'm excited about this game.


People wanted a new zelda, rebuilt from the ground up.  They're not gonna get it and I'm glad because that would be stupid. I'm glad that the creators are letting the game live and grow and evolve, rather then just saying let's kill it off and replace it with something younger/newer.


Just my 2 cents people, this is all opinion/personal truth.

User Info: DuStiN_457

6 years ago#10
spoonman101 posted...
I didn't think people actually killed themselves over reviews.

Well, it's the year 2011. Times are changing. Unlike the Zelda series.

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