stuck in earth temple

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User Info: Pdiddy105

6 years ago#1

i have the bomb bag but i have no idea where to go now. i already smacked the switch on that bridge with the boulder, but i can't get the one on the other side because 2 large columns are blocking my path.


where do i go from here?

User Info: horsebattery

6 years ago#2
There is a wall you can bomb to your right (in the lava) if I remember correctly.

User Info: Nobo__

6 years ago#3
Look at the map---it shows you where a path is to take while riding the boulder. You'll have to throw some bombs to open the way.
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User Info: Pdiddy105

6 years ago#4

i've been all over the place and i have no idea what to do.


Theres a switch on one side that i need to hit with the boulder, the X is in that direction. The problem is that there are 2 giant columns sticking out of the lava on that side that form a blockade for my boulder. the solution is probably obvious but im just not finding it.

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User Info: DespizingU

6 years ago#6
The map tells you exactly where you can go. Look at it closely. You don't go through the two columns, there's an alternate route to get to the other side of them.

User Info: NAME

6 years ago#7
Thank you! I was also stuck there...for fifteen minutes... I can't stop playing this game -- it's like crack!! :)
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