Rickety Coaster

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User Info: Someguy_13

6 years ago#11
I got it on my second try.

I dunno what to tell you. Just learn the route and tilt the Wiimote in to the corners.
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User Info: Fryer

6 years ago#12
I found that if you tilted the remote to much to one side it would stop working. So just slightly tilt the remote and you should do better.

User Info: ChetleyDew

6 years ago#13

From: coasterboy21 | #010
Calibrate your WiiPlus
You have to shake Wiimote upwards to jump over obstacles.

My WiiPlus seems to uncalibrate itself constantly. Also, maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like the cart usually makes those jumps on it's own.

User Info: Tiael

6 years ago#14
I got it on my second attempt, I didn't find it too difficult.
First time I was at 1:06:39, second attempt I got 1:04:17.
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User Info: GEKGanon

6 years ago#15
The Rickety Coaster surely points out the tragic shortcomings of the Wiimote. It doesn't register well. I've been tilting it one way and had Link leaning the opposite way. If you see this happening, recalibrate it.

As for finishing under 65 seconds, it all comes down to knowing the track and anticipating the turns. When the track forks, take the right path, as it is slightly faster. Towards the end, the track starts making very extreme curves, banking one way and then the other rapidly. Just be quick to lean the proper direction, and if you start tipping over because of your speed, lightly tap the break, which should cause Link to hop back on track and lean the correct way for the speed boost.
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User Info: ChetleyDew

6 years ago#16
Good tips but if my tilting goes whack or I need to break wouldn't it already be too late for the speed boost?

User Info: GEKGanon

6 years ago#17
It would be too late. You'd just have to fail and try again. Luckily, if you are anything like me, by the time you get around to doing Rickety Coaster, you are pretty much done with the game and have around 3,500 rupees to blow on paying to play the minigame.
Name: Daniel / Town: Poo-land / FC: 0817-8041-6018

User Info: ChetleyDew

6 years ago#18
It's not the money I'm worried about so much as it is the desire to move on with the story and not spend days trying and failing to beat these annoying controls. But it's really possible to get every speed boost? I've seen some other topics that said in that part where you do three turns rapid fire you should just keep it held to the side that would give you a speed boost for two of the turns because it won't register in time if you try and do all three.

User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
6 years ago#19
This topic scared me into thinking that this mini game would be hard. But I found it the easiest out of all of them. Just lean into your turns and at the one split path go right. Make sure to not go
Into dead ends. I got it first time. In comparison fun fun island tool me like 15 tries, and pumpkin pull I had to be cheesy and shoot the pumpkins as soon as he threw them by aiming right next to him.
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User Info: Kong000

6 years ago#20
I never knew you could jump and I still managed to get the heart piece.
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