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desert dragon

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User Info: tigg06

6 years ago#1
trying to get the last piece of the song but cant locate the dragon in the desert, the lightening dragon i believe. is he in the temple or where might i find him

User Info: hamargentwar

6 years ago#2
Go back into the Lanayru Caves.

User Info: tigg06

6 years ago#3
i think im sleep deprived but i dont remember how to get to the caves. know i came out on the cart at teh temple of time, but cant reenter that way

User Info: nintendogeek01

6 years ago#4
When you first got the clawshots and entered some caves you remember seeing a goron picking at the wall right? Those caves should take you straight to the dragon.
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User Info: Microwave_Oven

6 years ago#5
From the sky land at the very first statue of lanayru. There should be a goron there who says:
"I dug out a small passage but I can't fit in it"

Clawshot up to where the goron is and follow that path down to a canyon where you have to clawshot to get through it. On the other side is the lanayru cave and the small passage is to your left.
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