So, Demise's... *SPOILERS*

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User Info: mark04anthony

5 years ago#1
...consciousness ended up getting sealed in the Master Sword. Just a thought: Anyone think it's possible that it could have been released when the Master Sword lost its power?

User Info: gamingrat

5 years ago#2
thats my thoughts

User Info: Chaos_Echo

5 years ago#3
Possible plot thread for a sequel? I mean, I hope they never take it, but...
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User Info: Ventanrex

5 years ago#4
This is an interesting thought.
I can't help but think that WW's theme of conclusions and new beginnings would prevent them from reintroducing Demise in ToonLand, though. And apparently the King's wish had something to do with breaking Demise's curse, so who knows the extent of that.

Still, I'd be interested in seeing if we could get Demise in a ST sequel.
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User Info: yzman

5 years ago#5
They tell you at the end of the game that the master sword is basically destroying his conscious as it is contained in the sword. He won't be coming back.
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User Info: Echo738

5 years ago#6
Yeah, I figured by the time any of the future games happened, Demise's soul would have been completely decayed, or too far gone to ever return as a fully-formed Demise again.
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User Info: DarkMark42

5 years ago#7
Demise will most likely never be in another Zelda game again. Ganondorf is basically his reincarnation and the antagonist that we can always rely on for more appearances.
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User Info: LegendofLink17

5 years ago#8
Cel-Shaded Demise!! Now that I wanna see
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User Info: 9weerwolf

5 years ago#9
To yzman: His conscious, yes, but what about Demise's soul?

I bet that Demise's soul went into Ganondorf's body centuries after SS, and after the events of WW, Demise's soul is in search of a new body. (Perhaps he reincarnated into Demon King Malladus?) I'd like to see Demise return in the future! Give him the screentime he deserves!
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