So. Battle Quest. inb4 Female Link...

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User Info: quittaboi78

5 years ago#1
... <_< ... >_> ...

Really? No one's said anything? Zelda fans, I'm disappoint.
Whoever started using the word "canon" in this context, anyway?
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User Info: sumostickfigure

5 years ago#2
So? Karane in this game also looks like a female Link.
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User Info: Shabugabugabuga

5 years ago#3
what the hell is battle quest?
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User Info: LePhenom

5 years ago#4
Zelda: Battle Quest is a game in Nintendo Land.

User Info: Muljo Stpho

Muljo Stpho
5 years ago#5
I hadn't really looked into the Zelda mini-game yet, even though as a Zelda fan that will probably be the main attraction of Nintendo Land for me.

But anyway, yeah, the knight outfits in SS certainly helps Karane to look the part of a "female Link", and before her we also had Ashei from TP for a possible example of what a "female Link" type of character could be like.
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  3. So. Battle Quest. inb4 Female Link...

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