Question about the Silent Realms.

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User Info: x_darkness_x666

4 years ago#1
I'm about to get to that point in the game where I go to the first Silent Realm. Are the Silent Realms like the Twilit Realms in TP or the stupid Temple of the Ocean King in PH?
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July 13, 2012

User Info: LegendofLink17

4 years ago#2
Kind of like the twilight realms, but I find them much more enjoyable
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User Info: Brendyn06

4 years ago#3
The Silent realm is pretty much a fusion of the Twilight Realms and the gameplay from Spirit Tracks.
You're thrown into an area where you need to find a set amount of 'tears', and if you don't find another in 90 seconds, guardians come after you and try to kill you. If a 'watcher' see's you, they summon the guardians.
That's basically it. Although I thought that it was a good idea, I just didn't like them.
They scared the crud out of me. Even though I was really good at it.

User Info: x_darkness_x666

4 years ago#4
Ok thanks. I didn't really care for the Twilit Realms at all, but maybe I'll like the Silent Realms better.
Welcome to the world, M.J.C.
July 13, 2012

User Info: mahboi

4 years ago#5
If you don't like being under pressure, you won't like them. I found them to be a great diversion. I probably would've changed the Eldin one though...
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User Info: GhirahimManson

4 years ago#6
I'd say about half of the people on GameFAQS hate the silent realms.
They can be difficult if you have no sense of direction, and can be tedious.
I personally loved them. I enjoyed the intensity and challenge they provide.
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User Info: Shiranui777

4 years ago#7
You don't really need a sense of direction with light fruits showing exactly where they are
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User Info: Muljo Stpho

Muljo Stpho
4 years ago#8
The 90 second timer was really generous. (It resets each time you collect a tear, by the way.) In most cases, you probably won't wake the guardians from taking too long. You will usually see them wake up if one of the floating ones spots you or if you step in the water. Although, when they do wake up you'll still be okay so long as you can get to another tear before they catch you.

Hell, I kept missing one on the slide part of the Eldin one and I kept looping around to go down the slide over and over again for several minutes after my timer did run out from taking too long. And I still squeaked through that trial on my first attempt.

There's a power-up that temporarily lets you see beacons where all the remaining tears are. And if I remember correctly they mark them on your map as well, so you can place your own beacons to continue to show where a few of them are after the power-up wears off.

Honestly, each trial ought to take you about 1-3 tries to pass. The first one, if you don't pass on the first try, is useful for getting a feel for the layout and for spotting any difficult tears that you might want to aim for before any others around it. (If something goes wrong, you'll want an easy one in reserve that you can shoot for. Also, if I remember correctly, the tears you got in your failed attempts will have their locations marked on your map already when you retry.) You should do fine on your second or third attempt.

It took me 3 tries for the 1st trial (1 failure as I learned the rules, 1 failure where I made a stupid mistake), 2 tries for the second (1 failure where I made a stupid mistake), 1 try for the 3rd (although it was close because of the slide), and 1 try for the 4th (not sure why a lot of people seem to think this one was tougher than the others).
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User Info: Sylar100

4 years ago#9
Pretty much the Silent Realms are a mix of tear hunting from TP and the not being able to attack enemies from the PH/ST games. You run around collecting tears. If an enemy hits you, you restart from the begining of it.

User Info: toonlinkking777

4 years ago#10
silent realms were pretty fun. I beat the first and 2nd one in one try, and it took me 2 tries for the last 2. The last one is definitely much harder than the others though.
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