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User Info: Chadawah

4 years ago#1
Almost all of the motion controls work great for me, but I'm having a lot of trouble stabbing the sword. Instead of stabbing it usually just swipes a random direction. I tend to go from my chest to straight in front of me. Any tips?

User Info: megamachopop

4 years ago#2
I always do a very small hard jab, and it's not usually even completely straight. So yeah. When stabbing it's best do to a smaller motion it seems.

User Info: CatMuto

4 years ago#3
When I have to stab, I clench my arm against my torso and do more like a really strong twitch forwards. And I just realized that, the more consecutive stabs I do, the more forwards I lean... hehe, oops.

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User Info: Chadawah

4 years ago#4
Oh ok yeah. A short hard movement works a lot better. Before I was extending my arm out fully.

User Info: NameNotKnown

4 years ago#5
What's going on in here?

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