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User Info: dcyankees

4 years ago#1
I have played every zelda game and I played twilight princess with motion controls, but I truly believe nintendo got motion controls wrong with this game. I like to sit back in my chair and play but i cant do that with these precise motion controls this game asks for, especially with boss battles. I am not enjoying this game due to that fact, i just hope with a WiiU zelda game its strictly with the gamepad and back to normal controls, instead of these motion control. yes this is my opinion but just seeing if anyone actually agrees with me or am I in the minority here?
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User Info: lost_within

4 years ago#2
I didn't mind the motion controls much, and thought overall the game was good, not the best Zelda game, but with every generation there are small (and sometimes) major differences, some good, some bad... But overall I liked the game, and I have enjoyed the series...
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User Info: lukeguy97

4 years ago#3
dcyankees posted...
I like to sit back in my chair and play but i cant do that with these precise motion controls this game asks for

Let me fix that for you:

"The motion controls bring new depth and challenge to the series as they call for more precision, but I'm too lazy to enjoy them."

In all seriousness, you didn't particularly prefer the controls in this game over the ones in previous Zelda games because you like to relax while playing video games, and that's fine. However, that doesn't mean Nintendo got the motion controls "wrong". It's well and good to have preferences, but labeling the motion controls "wrong" just because they're not your thing is dumb. At least provide some solid evidence.

User Info: UtaNapishti

4 years ago#4
A better question is, how did they get them right?

The main reason I bought this game is because I wanted to actually feel like a swordsman. I haven't played that many Wii games before and I wasn't sure what to expect. Shooting games like Metroid Prime and Sin and Punishment worked great, so I was really hoping for the best here. Not to mention this is Wii Motion plus! I had no idea what that was, except that it was supposed to make the controls even better. I paid an extra 50 dollars just to be able to play this game. I thought 1:1 control meant Link would mimic my every movement, like I'd practically become Link himself.

Oh dear, was I wrong.

Trust me, I was up for the challenge. I didn't want to "relax". I wanted to be on the offensive, cutting down enemies left and right as I waved my arm around. But the controls totally fell flat for me. I was confused. This game got so many amazing reviews proclaiming it the ultimate Zelda. Did I just get a bad Wiimote? But after looking around the internet, at least after all the hype and praise to the point that you'd be torn to shreds for saying anything bad about the game died down, it appeared many other people weren't too happy with the controls either.

If so many people are having problems with the controls, obviously there is a problem. Either Nintendo has managed to let a ridiculous amount of faulty controllers get into the stores or they simply didn't make the best control scheme possible. Neither of these things reflect well on the company.

Control is probably the most important aspect of a game. If a very large number of people aren't able to utilize it well, it means that somebody dropped the ball. If you like the controls, fine. But simply trying to blame others for the failure is just silly. Everyone, assuming they have normal motor skills, should be able to play the game the more or less the same. There's no sense defending Nintendo on this. It's important that they learn from their mistakes so that the next Zelda can be better.

User Info: WilliamAdams

4 years ago#5
There's a small, vocal minority complaining --- there's a vast majority which voted it to be one of a very few Platinum rated games on the Nintendo Channel.

Complaining about it having motiion controls is like complaining of a sports car having a stick shift.
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User Info: UtaNapishti

4 years ago#6
If there's one thing I've learned, it's that "Very small vocal minority" equals "a very large number of people who disagree with me". I'm willing to believe that the "vast majority" of people did not even care enough to vote.

I can just as easily assert that it's a very vocal minority who are praising this game and it would be an equally unfalsifiable statement, unless you found the opinion of every single person who ever played it.

User Info: wiiking96

4 years ago#7
^ True dat.
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User Info: lukeguy97

4 years ago#8
What's the point of arguing about popular opinion, anyway? "A lot of people say the controls suck, so they suck" is a vague, unsupported, meaningless argument. Nobody liked Citizen Kane for several years after it first came out, look what that meant. The question is, what makes the controls wrong? They're not wrong just because a few people say so. If they're wrong at all, it has to be something they're doing. So what is that something?

User Info: AnotherSomebody

4 years ago#9
You do realize that in no way does this game require you to make excessive sweeping motions of any kind, right? Lay back on your couch, rest your forearms on your legs, and by making minor flicks in the desired direction the game will control perfectly fine while preserving your laziness :)
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User Info: Shiranui777

4 years ago#10
The sword controls were cool, enemies however were a horrid mess of just standing there and blocking. Hell I found the training logs more of a threat than the enemies in the game.
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