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User Info: Gohansephiroth

4 years ago#21
lol i played this game while laying in bed for most of it, worked fine for me.
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User Info: harold317

4 years ago#22
I don't really get why people associate motion controls with Kinect-like full body motions. You just waggle accordingly, and very lightly. It's entirely possible to play this game sitting on a couch. SITTING. If you think slashing like crazy works better, you are doing it wrong. And you probably are a horrible button-masher at fighting games too. But really, THIS is the game Nintendo should have had at Day 1 of the Wii (sure I loved Twilight Princess but having played SS before made TPs controls feel very "rigid"...the game still kicked booty though.)

User Info: dcyankees

4 years ago#23
As ive been playing the game more, im gettin used to the motion controls, however i still dont enjoy it as much as i probably should. I just prefer normal button controls, as I have been playing zelda games that way for 20+ years, but I will say I can understand why people do enjoy the motion controls.
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User Info: WilliamAdams

4 years ago#24
harold317 posted...
THIS is the game Nintendo should have had at Day 1 of the Wii

Unfortunately, one needs Motion Plus for such a game, and that couldn't've been made affordably back when the Wii was announced --- it was only the monies which Nintendo got from the Wii which funded the research which made Motion Plus possible.

I'm just glad that Nintendo released it for the Wii, instead of holding it for the Wii U, a la Twilight Princess and the GameCube vice Wii.
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