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User Info: Lum_Yatsura

8 years ago#1
I already have these games. Nice to see PS2 getting at least some attention. =)
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User Info: j00MamasFacial

8 years ago#2
What is this? Both games on one disk?
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User Info: sillyheart1977

8 years ago#3
Not sure if this will be 1 disk or 2...strange that rockstar would even rerelease them, but I think the reason they are doing this aside from $$$ is because xbox 360 will be getting the 2 GTA4 DLC put disk ...perhaps Sony encouraged this seeing as how these are 2 exclusive playstation GTA's..... kinda makes sense, in anycase, GTA vice city stories was a fun title and the soundtrack was great, almost better then vice city and liberty city stories was kinda dull but fun aswell.

User Info: included2000

8 years ago#4
i hope, it was a merge game into one story line.

I'm still waiting for PS2 GTA chinatown, port from nitendo ds.

User Info: included2000

8 years ago#5
nope 2 pack !!!! single story not merge story , too bad...

User Info: Lilbisk

8 years ago#6
Thats horrible!
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User Info: Brandroid00

8 years ago#7
im wondering if they will make a san andreas stories, and release it with liberty city/vice city stories

User Info: MachoMan73

8 years ago#8
I haven't played either yet. It looks like it is going to cost $30. Even buying them used individually would cost $27. Might as well buy this bundle.
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User Info: Nutralguy

8 years ago#9
Brandroid00, I asked the same question about them making San Andreas stories. I really hope they do, but it's not likely. I guess they don't think they should because gta:sa was already a great game or they just couldn't come up with a storyline. I'm with you when it comes to you wanting a GTA: SA stories because I want them to make it too.

User Info: muamu

8 years ago#10
Yeah i hope so......

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