Opinions on the demo?

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User Info: Ikaru_

5 years ago#81
TheGrandFinale posted...
So before putting down my opinion, here's my credentials: 1000G on Bayonetta, and most of the achievements in DMC HD including DMC3 DMD cheevo. No I didn't play on PS3, because frankly I don't like it much. Not the point here.

I know Bayonetta like the back of my hand, and plowed through DMC1 and 3 just like I did back in the day. So I'm speaking as someone who knows stylish action and is...well, really good at these games.

Rising is stellar. Attempting to play it just like DMC or Bayonetta will only net poor results. This is not a combo game, despite the fact that I am styling on them fools after a couple playthroughs of the demo. This is a more tactical, timing and input heavy experience. You need to learn the parry ASAP, otherwise nothing will mesh well. Then you learn your Blade Dodge and it's utilities and you are getting somewhere. The game is just as technical as Bayonetta but in a completely different manner and I understand why some players without as much experience, will be confused as to how. This is a game about countering and evading before going it for the kill. This is not immediately about creating combos and being super aggressive. Enemy attacks tend to be about landing either one massive hit, or a small combo from mid-range on the field. So your first reaction is actually running up to them and using meat and potato Light Attack slashes to prevent their own attack. And after a while, if you keep doing that, combat seemingly revolves about you trying to group soldiers to hit them with a single combo, or taking hits while keeping the last one up for a quick heal with Blade Mode. But that's doing things wrong. Once you start learning parries and using Ninja Run and Blade Dodge to maneuver, and you start understand enemy recoil and how to punish their own mistakes, you see how the game is meant to be.

The thing is, the game itself will allow us to buy and learn new moves on a continual basis while here they dropped us with a Raiden with tons of moves but no way of knowing what does what. I am still learning new things everytime I go back to slice dudes and mechs so that's that. And there's the thing about enemy placement. I had very different fights depending on how the enemies were on the map, so it's possible to have a playthrough that's smooth as butter, as it is getting rocket launchered to death on a staircase trying to parry a Gecko.

So yeah, Rising's definitely got "it' as far as stylish action goes. The reason I talked about my Bayonetta and DMC cheevos is not to appear boss, or to say that other players suck or anything. It's just that I want to say that I am a guy that knows the genre, knows it's depths and can actually back up that knowledge with actual in-game results. And I can see that depth in Rising. So if you didn't try the demo and see this topic, we'll here's a action game buff that is really liking what's on the table here.

Finally! a worthy read!
Thank's for posting.
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User Info: Shadow Reaver

Shadow Reaver
5 years ago#83
RichterB17 posted...
redorblue88 posted...
Yeah well done TC, I'm also impressed you responded so calmly to all the questions. To be honest you could explain precisely why you didn't like the game in a massive post and that one guy would still be crying "you haven't explained whyyyyy you hate this game I love? !?!". I'm in UK and waiting for the demo release but I can already see that I think the blade mode will be underwhelming. My main interest in this is simply Raiden nut to be honest the gameplay doesn't amaze me so far (what I have seen) but I will have a better idea soon enough. Will post once I've played it though.

Dude what the hell is your problem? I know Jay from the DmC boards, that's why I asked many question. "that one guy would still be crying" Go piss off ant.

your probably right Richter.

TC (or anyone else) do you know if it is a different demo from the ZotE demo?
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User Info: darkdragon_9600

5 years ago#84
Same demo
Can I haz cheezburger?

User Info: Ikaru_

5 years ago#85
darkdragon_9600 posted...
Same demo

I doubt the ps3 will be different at this point.

User Info: bridog346

5 years ago#86
The feel I'm getting from this demo is generic mediocrity, but it's just a demo and there might be more to the full release but definitely not buying on release day since i got devil may cry to pass the time with

User Info: wheepitup

5 years ago#87
DarkJaydragon posted...
Ikaru_ posted...
The demo that was released today.

You troll The PSN has not updated ! (that goes for everyone)
Before you come in here with your B.S play the damn demo first!
I bet this troll didn't even know the demo everyone has been talking about was released first with Z.O.E.

Man, this is was a waste of time.

Yeah, especially with the part that says I downloaded it from the XBL marketplace and not the PSN.

Then why are you posting this on the ps3 board? You are just creating confusion.
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User Info: Nok_Su_Kow

5 years ago#88
bridog346 posted...
The feel I'm getting from this demo is generic mediocrity, but it's just a demo and there might be more to the full release but definitely not buying on release day since i got devil may cry to pass the time with

Kinda felt the same with DmC demo. Still haven't got around to buying it yet, but will.

User Info: Kira0987

5 years ago#89
TC, aren't you one of the pros from the DmC board? That explains it all...
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User Info: DullahansXMark

5 years ago#90
TC, I at least respect that you made sure the wording made it seem like your own personal opinion, rather than a consensual statement. I can respect if someone doesn't like the game (I personally found it rather exhilarating, but I've played it 30 times now), so thank you for not coming on here and saying "this game is terrible and I cancelled my pre-order", instead opting for "I personally did not like it, it was not for me, so I cancelled my pre-order".

So thank you. It's refreshing to see my opposition actually showing signs of intelligence for once.

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