Can't wait to fight Monsoon...

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  3. Can't wait to fight Monsoon...

User Info: DarkchocolateX

4 years ago#1
Guy reminds me of Ringman from MM4 for some reason... BRING IT ON!!
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User Info: Zenning

4 years ago#2
No kidding, he looks like he'll be fun.

fFor me, its gonna be Samuel. Why? Because We're gonna have the Platinum Patented Pummel attack, and those are always goddamn awesome.

User Info: GeneralRaiden

4 years ago#3
I'm looking forward to fighting Mistral. My favourite boss music and the only female we get to fight and chop up it would seem.


I'm not a woman hater.
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User Info: Ragiroth

4 years ago#4
I'm probably most exciting for Monsoon or Sam as well.

User Info: prestodaniel

4 years ago#5
yeah i'm pretty amp'd for monsoon as well. but even more so, mistral. for some reason female villians just rub me the right way. ;) and of course sam is just gonna be crazy badass. sundowner seems alright. big bulky characters always seemed a little less appealing to me. but i'm excited for all the bosses though. probably except for blade wolf. due to the fact that i've fought him like 20 times already....

User Info: Girgante

4 years ago#6
I'm excited for Sam's fight the most - imo, it's always those bosses that are kinda the 'rival with a similar fighting style' that are the best fights in these kinds of games.
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  3. Can't wait to fight Monsoon...

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