How bad do you want MGRR?

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User Info: YumeOMiru

4 years ago#1
Answer the question, how bad do you want MGRR?

I´m willing to trade my recently acquired A+ essay on why being alive involves nothing more than 99.9% suffering, yet life it´s still worth living.


Oh and my last Ben & Jerry half baked cookie ice cream.
Having a dream is essential to live.

User Info: PyroSpark

4 years ago#2
Half of my cat.

I am dying to play as MGS4 Raiden.
rexator-"Make it a money match so that the winner gets to crap in the other's mouth." PSN: PyroSpark7

User Info: devak108

4 years ago#3
I would punch a baby in the face if I could get the full version today.
"You know, fightin' in a basement offers a lot of difficulties. Number one being, you're fightin' in a basement."

User Info: Ace10of27Spades

4 years ago#4
Bad enough to use!
chillin until next tuesday

User Info: ShreddyBobby

4 years ago#5
I'd wear a GFAQs shirt.

User Info: EminentFate

4 years ago#6
Bad enough to have a Metal Gear marathon during my one week break from college to refresh myself on the overarching plot.

And to prepare my anus ofc.
Every time you make a Gabe Newell fat joke, he delays Half Life 2: Episode 3 an extra month.

User Info: Phaild

4 years ago#7
The only thing that stands in my way is my unfinished report on a Military Crisis Management Operation.

Ironically, the deadline for the report is the same as Rising's release date. Talk about mixed feelings.
Days left in Service: 0 / 9 days and Rising
What do you think, Jack?

User Info: juuinmadara

4 years ago#8
I'd give all my Japanese games (~30), my unused Tales of Xillia limited edition (LE) PS3, my slightly used FF XIII-2 LE PS3, my slightly used MGS Peace Walker LE PSP, my four unused Japanese Fire Emblem LE 3DS, my slightly used MGS3 LE 3DS all my unopened, authentic cast-off figures (~15), all my financial assets (~$4000 in the bank and ~$10000 in stocks), all my spare organs, and my life to use as KojiPro and P* please, to have my pre-ordered MGR LE bundles right now.
Basically everything.

User Info: acetrain736

4 years ago#9
ShreddyBobby posted...
I'd wear a GFAQs shirt.
PSN: Acetrain73
You win, I can't compete with your's comment........

User Info: Mitsumanic

4 years ago#10
I am an artist working on a ten-piece series by May, so having more work is essential.

I would burn my most recent painting for it, that is how bad I want it.
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