Average score of 8.0? Seriously?

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User Info: DullahansXMark

4 years ago#1
To anyone that's familiar with the Four-Point scale (for those of you who aren't, http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FourPointScale), by reviewers' standards this game is... "okay". Not good, not great, but not bad.

I read Game Informer's review and stopped at "overly simple combat" and "uninteresting story". DmC got January 2013 Game of the Month for those two very points (that, and the environments, which I will admit are cool). I don't even...

Aye. Anarchy Reigns got almost the exact same score from GI as MGR did (7.5, whereas MGR got 7.75) if I remember. Ridiculous. At least the fans know better. 9/10 is an excellent score. I would've appreciated it being closer to 10 (not quite there though, as the game does have a handful of minor flaws), but hey, at least it's not a 5.8.

User Info: statikcat

4 years ago#2
Any reasonable person would consider 8 a good game overall.

User Info: Taizuku

4 years ago#3
Wtf is wrong with you people. An 8 is a great score...
I didn't like the new DmC. It was mediocre.

User Info: DarkJaydragon

4 years ago#4
Taizuku posted...
Wtf is wrong with you people. An 8 is a great score...
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User Info: captainsqually

4 years ago#5
8.0 is a great score and doesn't even take into consideration how much I like these kind of games, personally. My own opinion of the game isn't centered around a number that I would award it, more along the feeling that it is a slam bang home run. Couldn't be happier with it right now.
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User Info: DualArms

4 years ago#6
A score of 8 is better than a score of 0. At the very least, I am very enjoying this game a lot despite it's short length.

User Info: NuuType

4 years ago#7
Enslaved also got an 8.0(ign)
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User Info: SHMYazoo

4 years ago#8
Seems like some people think 1~9 is mediocre, 9.1~9.3 is OK, 9.4~9.7 is good, 9.8~9.9 is great and 10.0 is excellent.
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User Info: Brig123

4 years ago#9
8.0 is a bad score? I'd be less concerned with arbitration of decimal points and just focus on the fact of "is it enjoyable yes/no". Arguing whether or not x game deserved it more or less is fairly irrelevant, many of my favorite games are considered in this gamut of scoring. 8.0 says to me the game is solid, great in a lot of respects, but suffers a few large pitfalls.

Fallout:NV is a great example of an 8, I love it to death, played it for hours and hours, but I'll be the first to admit its got tons of bugs, AI issues, and gamebreaking lockups/crashes.

User Info: mikeysof

4 years ago#10
Not this again. Don't worry about it. Take a few deep breaths, go outside for a walk. It doesn't matter. We are a speck in the vastness of space. Whether a game got an 8 or 10 isn't going to change anything.

Play it and enjoy it or don't.
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