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User Info: RaRitsujun

4 years ago#61
BkzUzi posted...
Look at the metacritic score

I bet you're one those type of "gamers" that get scared by hard Japanese-developed video games, just like those Western reviewers.
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User Info: KaptainK00l

4 years ago#62
ItalianIdiot posted...
From: SilentS89 | #050
You guys are looking at this all wrong, DmC isn't a game, DmC is art.

Not that silly fake commercial "art" but real hardcore starving artist art.

Notice the way Ninja Theory makes a statement on society by intentionally giving inferior features to a franchise they were lent. The way Ninja Theory makes a statement on Westernization and outsourcing in general by intentionally and artistically making the game inferior. Notice the statement on entitlement and authority that Ninja Theory are making?

The framerate is a poetic metaphor for the way people perceive the world. As humans we can't see the real truth of reality so this is reflected by the way DmC only gives us half the frames per second that we should have. It effects us on an emotional level because we can tell that something is missing but it is so abstract that creates dissonance within ourselves.

The button delay is very rewarding. The reason for the delay is that Donte is hesitating to act because he needs to find the meaning of himself. Every agonizing swing of Rebellion is Donte's way of saying "I am me" to the world.

As you play DmC, you define Donte. Who are you? "My name is Dante".

There is no lock-on feature because in real life we don't get to know our targets. Our goals must be made ourselves. To think otherwise is the height of sheepliness and entitlement. DmC takes social relevancy and makes it into art. By intentionally making DmC "bad" Ninja Theory have elevated the artistic quality of the game to a level that few games have ever reached.

DmC belongs in the Louvre along with all the other great works of non-Japanesey Western art.

Not sure is serious.
Or gold status trolling.

This was done already on the DmC board, but I'm not certain if they were the original person that posted it.
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