Snake would of DIED!!!

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User Info: gimiller16

4 years ago#41
I think Snake's combat ability would hold its own through Otacon coming up with insane Metal Gear universe tech for him to use.

"Snake! hit Mistral in the back with a Cybernetic tranq, it should slow her rapid attacks enough for you to land a CQC counter"

"Snake, remember how I adjusted the frequency of your EMP rifle? It should remove Monsoon's magnetic field but be careful, recharging after each shot will take some time."

Not really sure how the final boss would play out, probably something along the lines of mashing square to squirm out of an intense and overly dramatic bearhug while Otacon is trying to deliver a nanomachine suppressant device.

Now without Otacon wonder tech Snake would be effed, but my point is that in the Metal Gear world, it's really not hard to come up with ways for Snake to win these encounters.

Yes i'm a snake fanboy, but more so a Metal Gear fanboy. Regardless I'm incredibly happy with rising and wouldn't have had the game, characters and all, turn out any other way(aside from P* getting more time to develop).

User Info: sockesocke

4 years ago#42
snake wouldve had a fair chance against sam and mistral.
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User Info: GreatestSamurai

4 years ago#43
Even granting that Solid Snake circa MGS4 couldn't go through the events of this game (I think he could). The people making this comparison forget one little crucial fact, Raiden is equipped with the latest bleeding edge technology and the absolute pinnacle of cyborg bodies

If Snake were the protagonist in this game, he would no doubt equip himself with the same bleeding-edge, technologically-advancded equipment equivalent to Raiden's. Who's to say that by this point he wouldn't go for cyborg enhancements himself? Hence you would have the greatest soldier that ever lived with the most advanced military hardware and possibly a cyborg body as well.

Snake would be just as capable if not more so than Raiden.

In any event, the game and the challenges facing Raiden in respect to the storyline are specifically tailored to his character and the mechanics that they want to have the gamer experience. Comparing the capacity of Snake from a proper "Metal Gear Solid" series to the capacity of Snake tailored to be in this game is nonsensical. He would employ abilities not highlighted or used in the stealth games.

The same goes for the enemies in "Rising" as compared to the ones in a "Solid" title. The basic cyborg grunts have a shorter attention span and a weaker field of vision than the grunts in Metal Gear Solid 3 did way back in 1963. Do you see what I'm getting at?

Bottom line is love him or hate him; Solid Snake has overcome the most dangerous and unpredictable superhuman and weaponized machine threats in existence and come out on top, time and again. There's no reason that this would be any different.

User Info: kerby316

4 years ago#44
Dantechan posted...
kerby316 posted...
vameng posted...
Snake on his best day would of not been able to complete this mission. Actually snake on his best day was old, out of shape, dieing from a disease.

The bosses in this game would of put snake 6 feet deep. The only boss snake had a chance with was mistral.

Monsoon- abilities were godly. Able to throw cars.

Sundowner- just plain bad azz, cyber freak

Sam- would of sliced snake in two

Ultimate senator Armstrong.- snake has never faced a foe of this caliber.

Added- all the cyber robots throughout the game. Monkeys.

And a metal gear.

Snake would of died. No doubt. All the fanboys quit pretending you big babies. Snake would not stand a chance.

Monsoon is a mix of bosses snake has beat many times before. Psycho Mantis and BB corp of the same name

Sundowner is a mix of Raven and Volgin

Sam is a skilled ninja how many ninja has snake beat, 2 one of which was gray fox. Sam uses some CQC, snake is just as skilled in CQC if not better.

How many metal gears has snake beat???? No really I've lost count

sam only used cqc when his sword flew away. How the hell is snake gonna do that? Snake can never beat Sam, he's miles stronger than gray fox

Sam had very little tech in him if any, it looked more like armor. Now when you look at it that way, as Sam wasn't a cyborg how could he be stronger than Gray Fox, it was more to do with skill. Snake is so much more skilled, he has been in so many different fights/battles and picked up so much over the years.

Sam beat Jack with skill not brawn. Jack only beat Sam after a full over haul, and with so much tech. Snake always has the latest tech, a lot of the time it's prototype/advanced stuff that no one has access to. Remember Jack has the latest tech not the most advance.

This is why I think Snake would win, he's like batman with out the money. Really skilled, best genes in the world, plans everything out and has the gadgets to go with it.
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User Info: Autofire2

4 years ago#45
EVERYONE. Who has ever. Underestimated Solid snake. Has had their ass kicked.

Every metal gear, every "best soldier ever", every supersoldier corp. Guy beat big boss when he was a rookie, at the age of 20. Then a couple years later he kicked Gray Fox's ass when GRAY FOX WAS IN A METAL GEAR. Then he kicked gray fox's ass in a one on one duel. Then he killed Big Boss when BB was armed with a machine and snake had NOTHING. he literally scrounged together a lighter and an aerosol and set him on freaking fire.

And Snake would have access to awesome tech as well. Or he steals it. It's not like he was operating on shadow moses with nothing but a bronze sword.

Gotta say it again

Raiden (about snake): He knows what to do and just does it. No one can stop him.
Duncan MacLeod: There can be only one.

User Info: kakarotozero

4 years ago#46
we need the new mgs 5 for people to remember who is snake

raiden himself said that snake is the best

even old was able to defeat all the bosses of mgs4

User Info: Rising_shadow

4 years ago#47
as Sam wasn't a cyborg how could he be stronger than Gray Fox,

Sam uses an exoskeleton that boosts his physical abilities to the point where he can run some 10 metres in two seconds and surf on the walls of a train tunnel. He doesn't need to be stronger, even if Sam was evenly matched to Gray Fox he'd ultimately win out in the raw skill department. Sam is the guy who took out ten armed mob enforcers as just a normal human after all. He's not normal.
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User Info: chaosflame108

4 years ago#48
Snake solos Desperado.


As far as the final boss is concerned. Mgs4 had these little things called umm.......syringes or what have you; that completely nullify nano machines. Snake >>>>>>>>>>> Final boss.

Mistral: Chaff takes out dwarf gekko, and probably cause her weapon to disconnect. Mistral without staff is lol, she just throws slow moving dwarf gecko shells. Snake got dis.

Monsoon: Hmm....emp grenades work on him, Snake spams those. As far as dodging debris goes, Snake can doge Tank turret shots.

Sundowner: He's just a slow moving behemoth, who focuses on raw strength. He's no more deadlier than Vulcan Raven. Again, Snake got dis son.

Samuel Rodriguez: damn, I don't know. Dude is basically Kenshin Himura, he doesn't have many cyborg enhancements so emp is out. Emp might disable his sword drawing arm, but again.....dat speed. :P

Metal Gear Excelsus: It has size, but is far less mobile than Ray; Snake does what he does best, and kicks it's ass.

User Info: tupapalote

4 years ago#49
chaff = death to all!!!!!!!
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User Info: RYOxSAEBA

4 years ago#50
Snake have the special ability to always win. He's like Batman
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