for all the snake comparisons

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User Info: god_o_war

4 years ago#1
Dont be so quick to forget that solid snake took down Gray Fox by himself and he my fellow gamers was quite insane.

User Info: PitchBlackFox

4 years ago#2
i think grey fox being insane hurt him in battle, Raiden's insanity focuses him, also Grey Fox was going easy on him/didn't want to kill him hece all the codec convos about mines and such
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User Info: Maybe_yes

4 years ago#3
actually I'm comparing Snake and Raiden to Mega Man X and Zero....

who is stronger? People prefers Zero, but Mega Man X is strong too, and they are -somewhat equal-? Maybe Zero is stronger.

Zero saved X many times, just like Raiden saved Snake's ass many times and sacrificed himself. Zero did that too.

Zero used swords just like Raiden. X uses ranged weapon just like Snake.

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User Info: Heyjose25points

4 years ago#4
Zero should've been the main character of the X Series imo as he's alot more interesting. Only time i can think of that X was cool was in the first game when he and Vile had a rivalry going on.

User Info: kakarotozero

4 years ago#5
using the x and zero comparison, the can both defeat the same enemies but using different approaches

and for snake and raiden is the same, not because raiden defeat that advanced cyborgs using his sword, snake can not do the same using other methods

i miss the good megaman game, when mmx9 when
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  3. for all the snake comparisons

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