lol at people that think solid snake or big boss could beat raiden in a fight

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  3. lol at people that think solid snake or big boss could beat raiden in a fight

User Info: Eurologic

4 years ago#81
cardboard box a,b,c can beat anyone
I wanna see Rocco take on the Olsen twins.

User Info: Laughing_Skull

4 years ago#82
I'd rather vote on Gray Fox vs Raiden (though Gray Fox would win hands down). The thing that people don't realize is that when Solid was fighting Gray the tech was different. Without Gray Fox there would be no Raiden or any of these game bosses.

However, Gray was the guinea pig. He died and gave those naughty scientists the data they needed to make Olga. That data was then passed to Raiden and so on and so forth. So Raiden, in his current state, would kick anyone's ass. If he had Gray Fox level tech, he would lose. POCKETS!
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User Info: SolidDBZ

4 years ago#83
Well raiden always fights with weapons. Since he's a cyborg he's still using weapons even when fighting hand to hand because that isn't his original body. Rockets do a lot of damage to Raiden, although that is gameplay and not cut scenes, so it may not matter much. Also, Gray Fox should have beaten Snake, he had insane strength. One punch should have broken Snake's neck, it makes no sense that he can lose to Snake. He also has super human speed and reflexes and should have dodged every punch if he was really trying. But it doesn't matter. These guys are cyborgs, Snake is human, no shame at all in losing to unnatural weapons.
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User Info: redroses_4life

4 years ago#84
DrunkBeardGuy posted...
From: N00b11234 | #068
You HAVE to gimp Raiden and set up the battle against him for Snake to win.

Pretty much, and as good as Snake is, he has no real chance.

I'd say a more fair match up would be Raiden and Ryu Hayabusa. Ryu is definitely faster but is he stronger?

He's taken out supernatural beings so I think he could probably take Raiden.

Ryu is definitely both faster and stronger. And more skilled for having complete mastery on almost all martial arts. As well as magic and teleporting.

It would be a close fight, but compared to what Ryu has fought, Raiden isn't anything different.
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User Info: N00b11234

4 years ago#85
masked_yazoo posted...
Leagult posted...
masked_yazoo posted...
lol at people that think Raiden could beat Solid and Big Boss in a fight

Well in a CQC fight.......Raiden would win.

Yeah I bet Big Boss already broke all of Raiden's arms and legs on the first few minutes of their fight.

Too bad Raidens limbs are made from Carbon Nanotubes which are a REAL construct that can withstand pressure of 6500kg per millimeter according to wikipedia.

That tidbit alone makes the Outer Haven scene... realistic - at least when it comes to Raiden surviving the kinetic energy of the warship, the pier should have shattered/

And besides what you just said nailed the matter on its head.
Fighting Raiden one on one is like fist fighting Outer Haven - no amount of determination, skill or heart can surmount it.

People that say that any Snake can defeat Raiden without gamebreaking gadgets, simply can't comprehend( or accept...) the extent of Raidens power...
"W-whaaat... H-how?!"
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User Info: Girgante

4 years ago#86
What people that make these topics cannot comprehend is that if Snake(Naked or Solid) were to face off against cyborgs in MGR's age they would not go with old gear... they would have updated gear. This is obvious. Just like how in MGS4, Snake isn't wearing normal camouflage.. he's wearing OctoCamo, because Otacon has the knowledge to build these kinds of things.

Now what this updated gear would be? Who knows? Something ala Sam? More powerful and manageable Rail-gun? It's not really important. Snake(s) have always undertaken almost impossible missions, and faced insurmountable odds, because he(they) had a fighting chance. It's pointless to put a character(s) in a suicide scenario, and it doesn't even make sense that they would be facing off these cyborgs with gear from the past. They would have a fighting chance with updated technology, and all Naked or Solid Snake need is a small chance to win... and they would win.

But yes, if you insist on the ridiculous scenario where they would try to face any of the cyborgs with old gear, no special suit, or try to(lol) CQC without enhancements.. they would obviously lose. That, however, doesn't really say anything.
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User Info: shippuden21

4 years ago#87
it is like superman vs batman batman is solid snake superman raiden in comic batman beats superman without super strength

User Info: yahya_no_1

4 years ago#88
lol Kids, just because Raiden has high new tech, doesn't change the fact a guy like Sam who barley had any robot enhancements could match up to him.

Want another example? "old" Snake took on Vamp by himself, same person who gave MGS4 Raiden trouble.

MGS TS is canon and it shows why Snake is a legendary solder, pulling out moves that are impossible for a normal person to pull off

User Info: megalpha

4 years ago#89
Raiden is good with going head on with his cyborg ninja rage ..and slices through anything with skill ....yes he's lethal.
But big boss and snake have beaten many a foes with not only physical skill but tactics as well .It's like Ali vs foreman ..foreman had way more power than Ali ..but Ali had that experienced fighters wisdom n stamina.....So I feel the only way Raiden can kill them is if he attacks and wounds them quickly and nonstop , if not he gives them room to breath and think....just look at snake beating GF..

User Info: skeithxth

4 years ago#90
Depends on which Raiden you're talking about. For instance, MGS2 Raiden could be beaten by a 9 year old little girl. Probably the same little girl that suggested Raiden's creation because she didn't like playing as Old Snake. Which hadn't even happened yet, but apparently, Raiden exists because she doesn't like playing as "an old man"...who at that point in time, was a young stud.

I bet she felt totally trolled when no one liked her idea but loved MGS4.
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  3. lol at people that think solid snake or big boss could beat raiden in a fight

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