Laughing Skull's top 10 wtf moments of MGR:R (spoilers)

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User Info: Laughing_Skull

4 years ago#1
Oh boy here we go. Love the game (especially playing as GF whose my second favorite video game character of all time), but as with every game there are some "wtf" moments that we encounter. It doesn't change whether I play or not, but it definitely makes me go "wtf". SPOILERS! You hath been warnananed

1) The title.
- A no-brainer really. Everyone rolled their eyes when the title was first announced. And I'm pretty sure that "revengeance" isn't a word....anywhere.....ever. Not even in ye-ye-ye Old English. Not to mention that revenge isn't even a major plot device in the story.

2) A very picky blade
- How cool is it to slice through stuff! Oh yea it's awesome. You can cut through tanks! Metal Gears! Soldiers! And Watermelons! ALL THE MELONS! But not doors....nope. The first door you run into in 01 that requires a button made me....well look at the topic. I get that it allows the game to load the next section but really!? We couldn't come up with something cooler like jumping over a building or dramatic blahbittybloo? Instead it's an uncuttable door. An uncuttable SHUTTER door at that. Sigh.

3) Raiden and his mood swings
- Soooo about half way, maybe three uarters of the game you get to see Raiden's "bad side" which is cool because you don't feel nearly as awesome as you thought you were until you turn red and maniacally laugh. But then he talks....and it's not the voice. I could get over the voice of "Jack". It's how he switches back and forth. Specifically in lvl 05. One minute he's reprimanding the doktor over his work and being a jerk to the guy whose helping him, and then the next minute he's back to being good ol' Raiden that everyone loves.....and everyone is okay with that switch......especially the guy whose supposed to be looking at Raiden's vitals (which include brain waves)......oh boy.

4) Running up buildings and walls....but only when they're exploding
- In episode, chapter, level 05 Raiden has to get to the top floor of a building. Twice now he has run vertically up surfaces.....but you know what lets just wait for the elevator. Oh the building is kerploding? LETS RUN UP SOME F'IN WALLS!

5) The Mexican
- Again, not so much the disguise which I thought was pretty hammy, but the "adios muchachos"......I face palmed so hard I ended up back patting. POCKETS!
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User Info: Laughing_Skull

4 years ago#2
6) The final boss
- I understand the whole "anime" vibe that the game was going for and I enjoyed it. I watch a bit of anime and didn't really mind all of the wind blowing and epic slow motion was just this guy. This guy was so over the top. Not just over the top but OUTRAGEOUSLY over the top. So much so that I wanted to fight him, not because I thought it would be a fun fight, but because I wanted to kill him to stop the pain in my eyes.

7) The final boss' cinematics
- Way too long. Holy crap I felt like i was watching a Law and Order marathon.

8) Some baddies aren't bad enough
- I guess I'm spoiled in a way. A lot of games use a cinematic or in game cutscene to introduce new enemies to the player and I've grown fond of that over the years. It really sets the stage for some epic fights and gets your heart rate going when you know there's a NEW GUY on the field with some NEW CRAP to kick your butt with. But not this game. This game they just fly at ya and you have to pay attention. I don't want to pay attention. Paying attention hurts my brain.

9) Bad guys get bad names I guess?
- Gray Fox. Awesome bad but really good guy name. Liquid Snake. Revolver Ocelot. This is some good stuff! "Jetstream Sam"......"Monsoon"......"Senator".....really? And I would at least let goofy boss names slide if the regular baddies had some good ones but "Sliders"....REALLY!? FOR FLYING BIRD ROBOTS? They don't look like hamburgers at all -_-

10) Raiden's wrist is broken so no blocking
- Parrying is cool, but the idea of a parry is to immediatly follow up with an attack. It throws the enemy off balance so you can quickly strike. If that doesn't happen, then you're just blocking. And most of the time you're blocking in this game.....a really....really....complicated block. Dammit Monsoon. POCKETS!
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User Info: Xion350

4 years ago#3
You know that Sliders where in MGS4 too right? So where Dwarf Gekkos and Gekkos.
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User Info: Laughing_Skull

4 years ago#4
and they missed their chance to change that up sadly. I'm fighting flying hamburgers. POCKETS!
"Wario's boobs make me solid snake." -Spazerbeam.

User Info: flaremmm

4 years ago#5
dey are only hamborgoers once samurai sam cuts em up.
"Sephiroth, Have you Lost weight?"

User Info: Solid_PW

4 years ago#6
Revengeance was actually a word, it means vengeance or revenge. It is now considered archaic.
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User Info: Girgante

4 years ago#7
Pressing forward and square is really, really complicated? lol
No matter what happens, there will be a solution when it happens. - Yoh Asakura, Shaman King
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User Info: iDoneGotU

4 years ago#8
Raiden falls off helicopter - Doktor says something like "Your sacrifice won't be forgotten friend". Seriously did he make Raiden's body so cheaply that he would die from the fall? I was really amazed to hear Doc talk like that, one moment he's looking out for Raiden then next moment he's like oh whatever.

Raiden uses Excelceus Blade - How can Raiden swing a MG's sword but he swings the Pincher blades like it's heaver than a Ray?

Raiden has mini blade in sheathe - Why are players not given the option to use this weapon in combos along with his HF Blade?
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User Info: Goldsickle

4 years ago#9
iDoneGotU posted...
Raiden falls off helicopter -

And survives.

If Raiden falls off from a lower height in R-03, he instantly dies.

Raiden has mini blade in sheathe - Why are players not given the option to use this weapon in combos along with his HF Blade?

The mini blade (short sword?) was available in the original build of MGR, before development was handed to Platinum.
Raiden can be seen using them simultaneously as he cuts up soldiers.

The mini blade is only seen used in one cutscene in this game.
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User Info: mtKing52

4 years ago#10
Goldsickle posted...
iDoneGotU posted...
Raiden falls off helicopter -

And survives.

If Raiden falls off from a lower height in R-03, he instantly dies.

It's because once you fall off there's no way to get back up there.
PSN: mtKing52
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