Laughing Skull's top 10 wtf moments of MGR:R (spoilers)

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User Info: SigmaSlash

4 years ago#21
Laughing_Skull posted...
6) The final boss
- I understand the whole "anime" vibe that the game was going for and I enjoyed it. I watch a bit of anime and didn't really mind all of the wind blowing and epic slow motion was just this guy. This guy was so over the top. Not just over the top but OUTRAGEOUSLY over the top. So much so that I wanted to fight him, not because I thought it would be a fun fight, but because I wanted to kill him to stop the pain in my eyes.

Fairly certain Armstrong was meant to be over the top crazy.

I mean, every other boss in the game is a trained killer and Armstrong's excuse for being able to fight Raiden so well is "COLLEGE BALL AND NANOMACHINES".

And the Navy, admittedly, but still.

Laughing_Skull posted...
9) Bad guys get bad names I guess?
- Gray Fox. Awesome bad but really good guy name. Liquid Snake. Revolver Ocelot. This is some good stuff! "Jetstream Sam"......"Monsoon"......"Senator".....really? And I would at least let goofy boss names slide if the regular baddies had some good ones but "Sliders"....REALLY!? FOR FLYING BIRD ROBOTS? They don't look like hamburgers at all -_-

Considering that they're the WINDS of Destruction, it makes sense that they'd be named after wind patterns.

And given that they're all named thematically after the ways they die (Mistral = Frozen, Monsoon = Dead in the Rain, Sundowner = Blown up, Jetstream = Stabbed quickly), I'd say their names are not only fine, but excellent choices.

And his name isn't "Senator". It's Steven Armstrong. (Proof that Superman and Sephiroth are one and the same.)

User Info: deltamustang_65

4 years ago#22
iDoneGotU posted...
deltamustang_65 posted...
Solid_Seb posted...
jurrian91 posted...
iDoneGotU posted...
Raiden uses Excelceus Blade - How can Raiden swing a MG's sword but he swings the Pincher blades like it's heaver than a Ray?

Because if you pay attention to Raiden's body when he's picking up the blade, you can see a lot of electricity coming off of Raiden's body. You can wager that he's using a LOT of energy when he's picking the blade up. If he were to use that much energy during normal circumstances, he would run out of energy VERY fast.

or maybe hes actually taking energy from the blade in order to power up enough to swing it. which would mean he cant actually swing the sword until he picks it up.

just a thought

Yeah, he's absorbing the sword's electrolytes. It's what cyborgs crave.

I didn't realize he absorbed energy from the sword.

I didn't either, but hey, it has nanos and electros. Who wouldn't want to absorb a piece of that, huh?
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User Info: Laughing_Skull

4 years ago#23
I understand that Armstrong's name isn't "Senator" but his boss name is. Check the health bar during the last fight :-).

And it would only be nitpicking if I didn't adore the game. I'm just poking fun at some of it's goofier elements. POCKETS!
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User Info: Snorlax_exlax

4 years ago#24
Laughing_Skull posted...
a really....really....complicated block

I can't begin to understand how your thumbs work.
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