what would be a cool subtitle for the sequel?

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  3. what would be a cool subtitle for the sequel?

User Info: funkmastermcgee

4 years ago#1
R.I.P Hunter1534

User Info: TheMcKnightMare

4 years ago#2
PSN: TheMcKnightMare - Twitter: @TheMcKnightMare

User Info: RichterB17

4 years ago#3
"They sowed their fate when they took this job.... I'm just the reaper" - Raiden

User Info: Decapre

4 years ago#4
Snake's grave
I've been told my love for Chun-Li is insanity and sinful, well God.... That's exactly what I wish for =)

User Info: Daggeraxe

4 years ago#5
Metal Gear Rising: Ripper Raiden's Revengeance Reloaded

User Info: SlaveBlade

4 years ago#6
MG: Rising Revengeance Retribution Resurrection Revamped: Starring Rob Schneider as Raiden.
Interested in a RP about a post apocalyptic future Earth with some Mutant shenanigans? PM me if you wanna join~

User Info: LanHikari10

4 years ago#7
Now you're just being nasty!

User Info: Colonel_Cuddlez

4 years ago#8
Revengeance harder
You... should get inside of the box... then you'll know what I mean.

User Info: MurphysGhost

4 years ago#9
Metal Gear Rising: Jack's Back!

Metal Gear Rising: It Has to Be This Way

Metal Gear Rising: Sons of Sam

Metal Gear Rising: College Ball '19
"The act of treachery is an art, but the traitor himself is a piece of ****." - Mike Tyson

User Info: Endless_Night

4 years ago#10
MGR2: Blades of Liberty.
Everything stemmed from Chaos, Aligned to Cosmos, Brought forth by Space, Woven with Time and Governed by Gravity.
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  3. what would be a cool subtitle for the sequel?

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