Sub weapon penalties?

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User Info: yarou

4 years ago#1
I don't know why, but for some reason I keep thinking there's a penalty for using them (doing a stealth run), don't know why, so I just want to be sure that there's no issue/ penalty in using them at all.

User Info: Phaild

4 years ago#2
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User Info: yarou

4 years ago#3
Oh, neat, so it'd be like killing them with the main/ custom, huh?
Good to hear, guess it makes sense since there are some areas that would be near, if not completely impossible to stealth through without Subs.

User Info: yarou

4 years ago#4
Now, to not make another thread I'll just as here, how about healing items, any penalties for those?

User Info: Vesperas

4 years ago#5
Other than your titles at the end of the game (Which do nothing), you can use anything without fear, even wigs.
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User Info: Emi3280

4 years ago#6
Actually, for completing R-07 with complete stealth, I killed the guard from the gate with a Homing Missile, and then distracted the other two with the Red Phosphorous Grenade, leading them to their death with executions. So yes, you can use them for stealth.
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