What is this game?!?!

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User Info: y000012500

4 years ago#1
Can it even call itself one?! It seems like there's so much random crap they don't go over at all! There's no combo list, or combo tutorial! Hell, you buy combos and it doesn't even tell what they are or how to even use them! It's like button mash until you learn something useful! But too bad you're just button mashing and not really sure how that uppercut combo really happened!

I'm playing hard mode first time through and just beat Blade Wolf with a D. I'm still not sure how the game works! Why don't they instruct you further? I just learned that I need to stop everything and simultaneously Square Push to block the attack(As opposed to just hold it towards an enemy). And what happened to that slow down time stuff in the first level after I block an attack?

And of course, after a weird anticlimatic finishing move on Blade Wolf, I figure out that Blue Screen + BIG JAPANESE SYMBOL = TIME TO CHOP

Why don't they explain any of this?!? And why the hell are Gecko so hard!? What am I supposed to do them???

Another question, unrelated: Is there a chapter select later, and for the Codec Trophy, do I need to listen to them in one play through, or just hear them all on one save?

User Info: TheLeafChild

4 years ago#2
Not sure if troll topic...

But...If you press start, select Help, you'll find the combo list...

Also, the VR Missions have tutorials at the very beginning.

And Button Mashing would get you killed, unless if you're Parry mashing most of the time, then you're pretty much alright for most of the encounters.

S-Ranking on hard is easy once you know the bosses patterns, if you get no-damage, you most likely have an S-rank, and Blade Wolf is one of the easier bosses to S-rank. Geckos, you just have to parry and get a QTE out of it, or daze them with EM Grenades and play hotfoot with them.

You only get slow motion Blade Mode if you time the Parry just right, then Raiden counters and you get to press the prompt for the slice and dice.

They explain ALL of this in the game, even as a Metal Gear game, they really go above and beyond teaching you the basics.

Yes, there is Chapter select, though, only for the difficulty you cleared them at, can you select those chapters. Lower or higher, you pretty much have to beat through them on each difficulty if you want to select all chapters in all difficulties.
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User Info: y000012500

4 years ago#3
In the tutorial missions, they teach you something once and expect you to know how to use it on all occasions. And from all the times I've parried I've never gotten a prompt for blade mode after the first level.

To be fair, no Metal Gear game has ever been very clear on controls. I still remember CQC in MGS3 and me trying to strangle someone and just suplexing them or something. I remember things being alot more simpler in MGS1(TS).

The game might be easier now that I know there's a combo list. Though, I've never been prompted for anything after parrying a Gecko. Sometimes I think they stick their foot in the ground and I can stab them in the head and attempt to blade mode it's head, but that's it.

User Info: ken02040608

4 years ago#4
lol combos
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User Info: snake2410

4 years ago#5
I personally was very happy the game didn't hand hold you at every instance. It's more rewarding to figure out something tjen have the game spell it out at every part where it would've been helpful. Very old school nes.
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User Info: Zahiiii

4 years ago#6
parry=block damage
perfect parry (parry just before you get hit)= block into counter attack that stuns enemy when hit
stunned enemy + full FC = Execute prompt (triangle+circle) and in the end of execute you get blue border with "Cut" Japanese symbol

and about gecko... they are very easy and you have several choices to fight them.
1. easiest is just to run around and wait until it do bull charge at you - parry it and QTE for stun - then just execute him
2. wait for it to stuck its leg in ground and jump on it from back to do some damage
3. perfect parry him and execute if your counter hits
4. just fight him until you stun him or kill

User Info: Vesperas

4 years ago#7
You can type English, but can you read it?

Though I'm a dyslexic drunk, I found the combo list and had no problem picking up the parry command/blue zandastsu screen during the Ray fights.
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User Info: y000012500

4 years ago#8
Oh, I didn't know you could parry the charge. There was no red blink.

User Info: BombermanGold

4 years ago#9
From: y000012500 | #008
Oh, I didn't know you could parry the charge. There was no red blink.

To keep it short, anything that's not a grab attack or something the enemy charges while glowing yellow, you can parry it.

Hell, if you're feeling bold, you can parry the pitiful machine gunfire.
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User Info: MOOMBAman

4 years ago#10
Blue Screen + BIG JAPANESE SYMBOL = TIME TO CHOP. lol classic, I'm gonna think about this every time I enter Zandatsu mode when fighting enemies.
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