Point of the knife?

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User Info: Rising_shadow

4 years ago#11
imagine if you through a knife and gun into the mix

He gets killed. Guns do diddly to cyborgs and a puny knife isn't much better when you've got a HF blade to use instead.
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User Info: DJ_0000

4 years ago#12
Pats4Life128151 posted...
Hunter_mk posted...
he uses it to kill one of the tripods at the sewers and that's it

He actually pulled a throwing knife out at threw. Where he got it from? No idea, but his knife is still in the sheath.

Maybe he carries several of them on different parts of his body to throw at Dwarf Gekko's including the one in his scabbard.

Or...more likely they wanted to use the knife in his scabbard for that cutscene but weren't committed enough to bother removing it for the rest of scene.

User Info: Onikage33

4 years ago#13
If you go back and watch E3 2010 trailer I think in the middle of it there's gameplay of him wielding sword and a short blade. Could be something they had finished but maybe Platinum scrapped it. I hope to see this in the next game as I think it looks stylish and reminds me of scene in MGS4.
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