Am i screwed? :/ (final boss fight)

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  3. Am i screwed? :/ (final boss fight)

User Info: zombieNaruto

4 years ago#1
Fighting Armstrong on very hard and I have zero nano paste. I'm past the unarmed part and now in the little burning arena. Any tips on how to survive longer?
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User Info: DullahansXMark

4 years ago#2
Keep evading and taking potshots until he begins charging fire into his fist. If he's about to punch the ground, get away. If he's about to lunge at you, stand still and block it. Then do the QTE to deal massive damage.

Basically, get him down to 150%. Then I hope you're good with Blade Mode. If you are... boom. Lots of damage, and nanopastes.

User Info: zombieNaruto

4 years ago#3
Unfortunately I'm not the greatest with precision blade mode :/ I'm dreading that part haha. I'm not a patient person either, but I guess ill have to be for this fight. Thanks :)
I r Ninja. I eat brains.

User Info: MurphysGhost

4 years ago#4
Activate Ripper mode to make the Blade Mode part easier.

Equip electrolyte packs to replenish energy if needed.

Once you succeed and pick up the nanopastes, call Courtney and save the game. Now even if you die, you'll always start with those nanopastes in your inventory.
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User Info: pokedude900

4 years ago#5
Line up the slash, then press square or triangle. Works best if you have blade mode set to the left stick.
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User Info: zombieNaruto

4 years ago#6
The ripper on the blade mode part and the saving once I did it successfully were a big help guys, I finally did it :) it was a tough and frustrating battle, but a lot of fun.
I r Ninja. I eat brains.

User Info: Raeng

4 years ago#7
Congrats man! One thing I personally also find to work is to not equip Nanopaste during the MG:E and early Armstrong fights as most of those can be done in a minute if you don't mess up, that way you'll be fully nanopasted during the final boss : )
Good luck on Revengeance!
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User Info: sparktenks

4 years ago#8
I had this same issue on revengence mode. What I did was the other battles with Armstrong and metal gear I unequiped nano past and beat those phases without it. Then when I got to the final battle I equipped my paste and destroyed him.

I should add though that I also had the white armor which allowed me to have 10 pastes. Funny thing though is when I got back to the final battle with those pastes I never even had to use one. All my parries landed and I was able to evade all of his attacks.

I think this happened because I took an hour break from the game and did the whole level over. Having the 10 pastes in the end took away the stress of dying in one hit which madeir easier to relax and time my attacks and parries.

User Info: SolidUlysses

4 years ago#9
use the infinte wig that lets you have infinte blade mode. It also lets you have unlimted jack the ripper.
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  3. Am i screwed? :/ (final boss fight)

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