Senator Armstrong DLC?

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User Info: lokithefool

4 years ago#1
Would you want it?

User Info: Hunter1534

4 years ago#2
Proud DMC fan

User Info: masked_yazoo

4 years ago#3
"Remember, kids...Chu-Chu died for your sins!"

User Info: Hvarerann24

4 years ago#4
Hunter1534 posted...

Why not?

User Info: DJ_0000

4 years ago#5
Hell no. I don't like his character and I can't imagine him having anything but a slow and limited moveset. But most of all I don't want it because I have no faith in them making good DLC at this point, I just want them to start making the sequel instead.

User Info: Da_doppen

4 years ago#6
All of my yes *imagines giant swinging a mastiff into a wall, then elbow dropping it*.
Maybe Doopliss isn't kicking ass, but he's taking names!

User Info: Xaldin0011

4 years ago#7
Anjar elium farakeeu agua.

User Info: Chickenfrogman

4 years ago#8
The manliest DLC about the greatest character.
Renekton would make a terrible lifeguard. He'd just laugh at you as you drown and die and then probably eat your corpse.
PSN: RevolverChicken7

User Info: Kusana89

4 years ago#9
IF they'd give us Mistral->Monsoon->Sundowner(in that order) first,then yes,otherwise,no i don't like him^^

User Info: Ace10of27Spades

4 years ago#10
Hell yes! Esecially if he can taunt 'nanomachines, son'
"Lack of comprehension / Thriving on your cliche / Compelled by self resentment!"
PSN: Ninja-_-Radness, Ace10of27Spades

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