Did they make raiden a cyborg to redeem himself?

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  3. Did they make raiden a cyborg to redeem himself?

User Info: nagisa_kaworu

4 years ago#11
The_Ivory_Man posted...
Not to mention he was set up to show how awesome Snake was...

But Snake isn't awesome at all in MGS2. He keeps too many secrets from Raiden which makes him look like an annoying smartass. There were some things that Raiden was better off not knowing (like Olga being working with Snake) in order for their plan to succeed, but Snake overdid it. And it didn't make him look cool at all. He was much cooler in MGS1. And in MGS4 Snake becomes the coolest video game character ever.

User Info: lolamericans

4 years ago#12
raiden in mgs2 is ok, but raiden in this game is painfully corny.

User Info: Onikage33

4 years ago#13
Even if he wasn't made into a cyborg I would still like him. He was a little bit unsure of himself in MGS2, but as the game progressed that changed and my confidence in him grew. Sometimes I miss him being human. There's no turning back now. When a character is human you (the player) feel more vulnerable. And it would have been really cool to use HF blade combined with different guns and stuff like Snake does (necessary to rely on stealth, break necks, CQC.)

I kinda laughed at the comment that he was corny. I don't think that(will admit ripper voice is silly sometimes) but we can all agree things have come full circle and the dude is a straight up badass now!
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User Info: K1dV1d

4 years ago#14
X_CAPCOM_X posted...
The_Ivory_Man posted...
Raiden was sort of like playing as Joke character

-Trips on bird poop
-Has annoying girlfriend
-Gets urinated on
-Gets stripped naked
-His bosses are bizarre (A bald fat guy drinking wine on roller skates? A biseuxal vampire with a crotch knife?)

Not to mention he was set up to show how awesome Snake was...

The last 20%ish of the game really makes him his own cool unique character (Taking joy in killing)

No he was not a joke character.

Think back: when you come into control of him, he has more grip strength than snake, can jump over obstacles, has 1 more attack in his combo etc.

Throughout the "S3," he does a more intensive version of everything snake did in shadow moses (snake destroyed a tank, raiden destroyed a HARRIER, snake destroyed a metal gear, raiden destroyed 21 metal gears etc.).

Raiden is supposed to represent a superior soldier who does not want to be a superior soldier or a normal soldier due to his past (which has been unsuccessfully brainwashed), AND he had/has absolutely no freedom (until he listens to snake's badass message). Absolutely not a joke character.

Personally Raiden was instantly added to my favorite characters instantly at the end of the game. I don't see how people think he's wimpy because he has a girlfriend.

FINALLY some one who sees it my way. raiden is an undeservedly underated character that gets unfaily too much hate because he expresses more human emotion than snake imo. the guy was a chil soldier for EF's sake!! TRAINED TO KILL SINCE CHILDHOOD. the fact that his entire childhood was war! while little kids with their families and friends are playing hide and seek with toys, raiden was out on the battle feild with the real deal. how is that not bad ass and tragic enough to make you care?
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  3. Did they make raiden a cyborg to redeem himself?

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