I still think some of the bosses in this game aren't really that great (spoiler)

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  3. I still think some of the bosses in this game aren't really that great (spoiler)

User Info: Dantechan

4 years ago#1

-Too easy, you don't need any strategy to kill her
-It feels like the dwarf gekkos are the real enemies, not her
-Her projectile move is stupid and extremely easy to dodge


-Stealth attack does 20~30% damage.
-In revengeance mode, if you abuse the rush attack counter parry, you can obliterate him easily because he won't even do any other attack on you. And the counter parry is so easy to do that even a noob can do it.
-EMP/Smoke Grenade abuse makes him uber easy
-Combat area is kind of restrictive.

-You don't even need to cut off his shields. Just attack his back
-Annoying helicopter.
-Even if you want to cut off his shields, it's pretty damn easy to do.
-His second form is laughably easy
-Low Health
-Too predictable.
-Music isn't that good as the others, lacks epicness

Armstrong (Jetstream)

-Too cheap, especially bionic armstrong. He's the only boss in this game that's actually not fair.
-Camera goes nuts during this fight cuz he's too fast.
- Uses the same moves too often. Kaioken attack 3 times in a row? Give me a break. Grad attack 5 times in a row? Annoying.

User Info: BladeDog911

4 years ago#2
Well the bosses are boring after you beat the game.

Pincer blade makes all the bosses a snore fest

User Info: syctheweilder

4 years ago#3
Sai > Helicopter

Everything else stands

User Info: Raeng

4 years ago#4
Personally I loved Sundowner's soundtrack, but his fight was indeed way too easy. They all had their epic moments but overall most were too easy. My biggest disappointment was the fact that the Double Grad is the hardest boss in the game.
A side boss should NEVER be the hardest boss, ever.
PSN: Royta15

User Info: tizimin9

4 years ago#5
I still think some of the complaints in this topic aren't really that great.

Mistral's second form on REV is extremely hard if you don't have any upgrades. Seriously, try doing a fresh REV run, and see how long it takes you to beat Mistral (I'm assuming you're not amazing at this game, which you probably are, since you think all the bosses are too easy.)

Why do the Dwarf Gekkos detract from the fight? I don't think they do. In fact, I find it quite challenging juggling between attacking them and attacking her.

Her volley attack is easy to dodge, but nobody is making you use the "she can't shoot underneath her" exploit except you. If you instead face the projectiles like a man and use blade mode to cut them, it's actually quite enjoyable.

Khamsin: He's not meant to be extremely challenging, I don't think. Blade Wolf DLC is the MGR Lite.


You don't need to cut off his shields, but it makes the fight easier. Am I missing something? How is that even a complaint? What could possibly be bad about giving the player more options for how to fight a boss? Again, if you don't like easily destroying him by attacking him from the back, nobody is forcing you to play that way except yourself.

So he's an extremely easy boss to beat, I will give you that. However, if you try to make the fight "cinematic" (Read: spend some time "sparring" with the guy instead of ROFLSTOMPING him), the fight is quite cool.

Armstrong: Trust me, 110%, when I tell you that the Armstrong fight IS fair.

You might think it's a glitch when he deviates from his back and forth pattern during Bionic Armstrong and he starts circling around you so fast you can't see him. It might be a glitch, it might not. But it's still fair. I can tell you this, that it IS fair, from an objective standpoint, because it IS possible to dodge him every single time he does this, and it is NOT blind luck.

I was stuck on Bionic Armstrong for about 70 tries. My friend was over watching me, and it was embarrassing that he had to sit there and watch me fail for two hours before I succeeded.

But in the end, I had mastered dodging the Bionic Armstrong. When he starts circling, you have to do backflips, and if you time them PERFECTLY (which in this case means you must use the force, since it's impossible to react to every single one of his moves), you'll dodge every attack every time.

There is a rhythm to it, maybe backflip immediately twice then pause for .4 seconds, but there is a rhythm, and once you get it down, the fight becomes "fair."

You complain his constant uses of his attacks are "annoying." He wouldn't make much of a final boss if he only used attacks that were incredibly easy to counter, like his firedome.
PSN: Itzimna

User Info: warrenmats

4 years ago#6
I disagree with most of your points, but I agree that Sundowner was a letdown. He was just way too easy.

And Mistral wasn't really that fun to fight.

User Info: TearsfoUniverse

4 years ago#7
armstrong sam is the my favorite fight cause it is actually tough like vergil from DMC 3
Completed Nuzlocke, Fire Red. Pokemon: Charizard, Shiny Tangela, Venomoth, Zapdos. RIP Gyarados, Hitmonchan

User Info: darkslayer001

4 years ago#8
i am kinda dissapointed by the lack of tech in defeating these bosses, most of them rely on reflexes and timing.
But throwing ray as he cuts it up with Rules of Nature in background...ya i can live with that.

User Info: darkslayer001

4 years ago#9
TearsfoUniverse posted...
armstrong sam is the my favorite fight cause it is actually tough like vergil from DMC 3

it is tough which i enjoy, but there is lack of variety and limited moveset for bosses.
even in revengeance if you kill the bosses too quickly, they don't get to use their new moves, which are only a few

User Info: DJ_0000

4 years ago#10
MG Ray- Fun the first few times but gets to be a chore on subsequent runs, I really hate the way the camera is forced to lock onto it's face since it makes it highly awkward and sometimes causes Raiden to attack thin air.

Bladewolf- Very Fun

Mistral- Don't like the idea of having a bunch of Tripods just to be annoying.

Monsoon- Didn't used to like him until I started to fight him with no parries, a lot more fun that way.

Sundowner- Even though he is easy I like fighting him because of the combo potential.

Sam- Good fight

Armstrong- Hate the first couple of stages on top of Excelcus especially the one where you have to keep dodging him. I would like a larger battle area for the final stage.

Sam DLC- all of them are pretty crappy. BW has awkward camera stuff because of the narrow stage, MG Ray is just a standard ankle slasher (boring), and Armstrong is pretty cheap.

Khamsin- Crap
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  3. I still think some of the bosses in this game aren't really that great (spoiler)

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